Nasty Smelling Bathroom? Here Are 21 Hacks To Get It Smelling Fresh & Clean Again

If you've ever felt that you bathroom isn't smelling as fresh as you expect after a through wash...

Then, this article is written just for you!

In today's post, i am going to share 21 smell hacks that'll leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean

Let's get started


1. Make Your Own Scent Jar

No need to buy air freshener, make you own with just 2 inexpensive ingredients.

Here's what you'll need

Add 3 tbsp of baking soda into a mason jar

Add the same amount of Fabric softener as baking soda into the jar.

Keep this scented jar in your bathroom open for a couple of hours everyday and close the lid when not in use


2. Sanitize & Deodorize Toilet Brush

Sanitize and deodorize your toilet brush with baking soda and rubbing alcohol.

Pour rubbing alcohol into the toilet brush holder and add 2 tbsp of baking soda

Baking soda absorbs any odor present while rubbing alcohol kills the bacteria.

Do this often if you brush your toilet regularly.


3. Mouthwash Smell Hack

Aside from dental hygiene, mouthwash are great for making the bathroom smell good.

Here's how

Pour a quarter cup of mouthwash  into the toilet tank.

When flushing, the mouthwash will instantly freshen up your toilet bowl without leaving any stains behind


4. Use Essential Oil In The Bins

Freshen up the trash can with a couple drops of your favorite essential oil.

This is a great way to keep prevent your trash can from smelling bad before it's filled.


5. Baby Oil For Faucets

Baby oil gives your bathroom a nice and gentle fragrance whenever you're at the basin.

Plus, they make your faucets real shinny.

To do this, add a few drops of baby oil onto a paper towel and polish the surface of your faucets.


6. Use A Scented Trash Bag

Scented trash bags are inexpensive alternative to regular trash bag great for hiding the bad odors in the bathroom.

It keeps the trash from smelling bad in the time it takes to fill up.

Get Scented Trash Bag


7. Eliminate Odor Emitting Towel

If your bath towel are starting to develop musty smell, then your bathroom will never smell good.

To revive your towels, soak them in hot water and add 2 tbsp of baking soda and give it a stir.

Add the towel into the washer, sun dry and your towel will smell like new again!

You want to do this every 2 weeks before your towel turns nasty


8. Tissue Roll Fragrance

Add a nice fragrance to your tissue rolls by adding light smelling perfume in the tissue roll.

Take note to avoid spraying the perfume onto the tissue paper, spray it only on the middle of the cardboard tissue roll.

You may also drop essential oil on the core directly.


9. Use Toothpaste In Toilet Tank

Cut your toothpaste in half and place it into your toilet tank for a fresh minty scented flush.

Use half a tube or a full tube according to your preference.

Replace the toothpaste when it no longer produce the scent it once had.


10. Use Scented Candle

Smoke kills odor causing bacteria, making scented candles the perfect choice for eliminating odor while emanating it's own fragrance.

Green tea, lavender candles are gentle and refreshing.

But do pick a scent that you really enjoy.


11. Deodorize The Basin

Notice bad smell rising from the basin drain? That is likely the work of bacteria in the drain.

Before going to bed, pour baking soda and rubbing alcohol down the drain and it will eliminate the odor.


12. DIY Poopourri

Despite flushing, unpleasant odor can still linger around, making your bathroom smell awful.

Make your own poopurri spray by mixing white 1 cup vinegar, 10 drops of essential oil and 1 cup of water.

Spray it in the toilet bowl right after flushing.


13. Use Pine Sol

Pine-sol can give your toilet bowl a wonderful smell.

Pour a cup of pine sol into the toilet tank twice a week and your bathroom will smell truly amazing!

Pine-sol is a multi-purpose household cleaner made from the oil of pine tree wood.


14. Use Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn dish soap gives off a nice gentle fragrance after every toilet wash.

Add dawn dish soap when washing the toilet to keep the bathroom smelling great


15. Keep Laundry Outside

If your bathroom is an enclosed room, then having smelly laundry is going to ruin any good work you put in.

Keep your laundry in a room with good circulation instead


16. Lavender Fragrance

Transform your shower into a relaxing spa like atmosphere by combining baking soda and lavender into a jar

Leave the jar near the toilet bowl area.

The baking soda works as a deodorizer while the lavender gives off the nice pleasant smell.


17. Use Essential Oil In The Tank

How many drops to add?

It depends on how strong you want to scent your bathroom.

For starters, try 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil into the toilet tank and increase as needed.

This is one of the cheapest way to add scent to your bathroom considering how inexpensive essential bottles are.


18. Clean the Bathroom Rugs

If you have many family members living together and your bathroom mat doesn't get enough sun.

Then, chances are it's going to smell!

So, even if your bathroom mat looks clean, make sure to wash them every week to stop odor buildup.

Alternatively, you may use baking on soda to get rid of the odor.

Just sprinkle baking soda thoroughly onto the rug and leave it overnight.

The next day, vacuum the rug and just like magic the odor will be gone!


19. Ventilate Your Bathroom 

Most bathrooms do come with a small window that may not be large enough to allow for proper ventilation.

This enables the build-up of vapors and humidity in the bathroom, which is why you find it smelly in the first place.

So here are 2 simple solution.

The first is to simply leave the bathroom door wide open after shower to eliminate stale air.

The second solution is to install an exhaust fan which will help air circulation, humidity reduction and odor removal.


20. DIY Mason Jar Air Freshener

If you don't want unknown toxic chemicals from commercial air freshener, then here's a recipe for you.

Fill your mason jar with cotton balls and drop your favorite essential oil.

Keep the jar closed when not in use to preserve the smell.


21. Add Plants

A simple but effective tip that works every time!

Just make sure that you select a plant that can purify the air while also giving off nice fragrance.

Place them near the windows for sunlight and beautifying your bathroom.


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