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Stuck and don't know where to start cleaning?

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Don't know how often to clean the bathroom, the kitchen and living room?

Then you're in the right place!

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What to do when stuck (5 Helpful Tips)

1. Start Small

Whenever you're stuck, start with the easiest room to clean.

This is a method backed by psychological, when you start with the easiest room, you'll most likely end up finish cleaning the room.

This "victory" gives you the momentum and motivation to push forward and handle the harder to clean area.


2. Tackle each area part by part

If you are cleaning a large room, don't attempt to clean everything all at once.

Instead, you want to break down the room into manageable parts.

For example in the kitchen you have bunch of things to clean, the countertop, the cabinet, the floor, the oven, the fridge and the list goes on.

Please use the cleaning checklist I've made for you (click here to get it)

So rather than cleaning everything at once, you want to start off with one item (for example the oven and just the oven)

Once, you're done with cleaning the oven, check oven off the list then move on to the countertop.

Repeat this until you've checked everything off the list

And guess what?

One room down!


3. Avoid organizing the clutter


Imagine manually trying to get dust off books, DVDs case and a bunch of small items.

It's going to take up the whole day!

If your room is cluttered with things, it is going to be HARD to clean your room properly.

You will feel that you have wasted time cleaning nothing!

Trying to organize and clean the clutter is just spending more time to create more work for yourself.

I have written an article on the things to declutter if you need help.

Read blog on 100 things to declutter.


4. Declutter Efficiently

Yes, i know this blog is about cleaning but just picture this...

Imagine a new home with nothing but furniture, how long do you think it'll take to finish cleaning the house?

Pretty fast right?

The less you have the easier to organize and clean period.

When it comes to decluttering, many get stuck because they can't decide what to throw and what to keep.

Lucky for you, i have also written an guide that you can use to help you declutter efficiently.

Read How to Declutter When Stuck


5. Set A Realistic Time Frame

If you are trying to clean a big house that hasn't been deep cleaned in awhile, don't set a goal to finish it in one day.

It is going to overwhelm you and make you give up really fast

For example setting a goal to finish cleaning the bathrooms within 1 hour on Monday and cleaning up the master bedroom within 1 hour on Tuesday would be a more realistic goal.

You might want to get the free cleaning schedule PDF that i've made for you

Get Cleaning Schedule + Checklist


Habits To Maintain A Clean Home

Consistency is key, even when it comes to keeping a house clean and free of odor. Here are some of the things to do on a daily basis.


1. Empty Your Sink/Dishwasher Daily

Make it a daily routine to clean the dishes, dry and store them away everyday.

Avoid the "i will wash it tomorrow" thinking.

This will save your home from bad odor and flies coming around.

If you are working with a dishwasher, make sure to empty it every morning and running at night to prevent dishes from piling up.


2. Don't Wait For The Laundry To Pile Up

Instead of filing your washer with laundry, use a small laundry hamper and once that is filled up, do the laundry.

Worried about the high laundry detergent cost?

You can make an inexpensive detergent yourself by using washing soda, borax and shaved soap bars


3. Make Your Bed

This task takes about 5 minutes at most and will instantly make your bedroom neat and tidy

It's also the first task you've completed for the day, which sets you up for a productive day.


4. Declutter On The Go

Make it a routine to look through areas of your home for things to throw or donate.

Have a donation box or a ready to sell box somewhere in the house where it's easily accessible.

That way you prevent huge clutters from piling up, making your cleaning routine easier to carry out.


5. Avoid "Doing It Later"

If something can be done right now, do it.

It can be very simple things like:

Putting your closet away after you've washed it, avoid leaving it on the couch.

Putting your shoes into the closet instead of doing it later.

Washing up after a meal is a good way to prevent dishes from piling up.

This also helps to prevent developing the habit of procrastination into other areas of your life.


Cleaning Hacks And Checklist

Below the cleaning checklist are resources that I've put together to help you clean everything in your home.

It covers the BEST methods to clean hard stains and grease, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

Plus, these cleaning solutions are natural and friendly for the environment.

Download Checklist


Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Can't figure out how to get grime off your microwave oven or how to unclog that stinky kitchen sink?

Here are 21 kitchen cleaning hacks that cover the entire kitchen, the fridge, the cabinets, the sink, the oven and more!

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Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Can't seem to get rid of annoying soap scum that has been clouding up your shower glass and bathtub for years?

Then, you shouldn't miss these 23 bathroom cleaning hacks to help you finally get your bathroom to look and smell brand new again!

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DIY All Purpose Spray Recipes

Need to get rid of odor or mattress stains? Want to dust your room effectively?

Then you need an all purpose spray to simplify your cleaning routines as well as save some money.

Learn How To Make Cleaning Spray


Deep Cleaning Hacks

There are just certain stains and grease that cannot be removed with regular soap and water.

This post covers 15 deep cleaning hacks to remove the dirtiest of the dirtiest things in your kitchen without spending a bomb or scrubbing till you drop dead!


Read Deep Cleaning Hacks


Bathroom Smell Hacks

Can't seem to make your bathroom smell good again? 

Here are 21 bathroom smell hacks that uses simple to follow methods and inexpensive cleaning ingredients to get rid of odor, keep them away so that your home smell fresh and welcoming.

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Now it's Your Turn

There you have it, you've learnt how to get started with cleaning when stuck

You know the habits of women with clean homes.

You've also learnt the cleaning hacks to clean everything in your home


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