21 Cleaning Hacks That Are So Amazing You Wish You Knew Them Earlier

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Do you have stains around the house that you can't figure how to clean?

Crayon, dirty pots and pans and greasy kitchen stain?

Fortunately, there is the magic eraser!

The magic eraser is an amazing cleaning tool that works by loosening stains and grime then trapping them inside the foam.

Here are 21 common uses of the magic eraser:

    1. Make White Sneakers Look New Again

    White sneakers and shoes can get dirty really fast.

    Simply give them a quick wipe with a damp magic eraser and they will be looking just like new again


    2. Remove Stains From Plastic Wares

    After washing the plastic ware, you can remove food stains from them by cleaning with a magic eraser.

    Credit: The Krazy Koupon Lady


    3. Remove Grime From Glass Bakeware

    After washing your glass bakeware, you might find that there are spots of grime that didn't come off.

    Simply use a damp magic eraser to wipe that last bit of grime off.


    4. Coffee and Tea Stains

    After some use, you might find a tea ring around your tea or coffee cup.

    Simply scrub with a magic eraser and they will be gone in no time


    5. Dissolve Soap Scum

    Magic erasers are great for destroying soap scums in basin, bathtubs and showers.

    It also works great on grout, tile and fiberglass

    only drawback is you'll need quite a lot of them to clean the entire floor


    6. Dissolve Oven Grime Fast

    Removing caked on messes and grime in the oven can be tough

    Magic erasers do a nice job at getting those grimes and stains away quickly


    7. Cleaning Hairspray Residue From Flat Iron

    Magi eraser are effective at removing gunk from your flat iron

    Photo credit: The Crazy Coupon Lady


    8. Remove Dried Windshield Bugs

    I hate going through a car wash and still find dried bugs on my windshield.

    But the magic eraser is perfect for removing these critters.


    9. Permanent Marker Be Gone

    The magic eraser removes permanent marker from a variety of surfaces without damaging them.

    Just remember to test on a small area first.


    10. Effective Laptop Cleaner

    If you didn't notice, you laptop cover is probably covered in grime.

    Simply use a damp magic eraser to wipe them away


    11. Whiten Your Baseboard

    Want to get your baseboards to look clean and brand new without much effort?

    Simply clean with a magic eraser, then rub with a dryer sheet to keep future dust away.


    12. Whiten Ground Lines

    Simply take the corner of a damp magic eraser and scrub away at dirty grout.


    13. Turn Your Silver Utensils Sparkling New

    Over time, silver utensils gets tarnished and starts to look dull.

    But it doesn't have to look that way

    Scrubbing with a damp magic eraser will do the trick.

    Photo Credit: A Side of Sweet


    14. Remove Labels From Glass Bottles

    Want to reuse the glass bottle without leaving sticky residues behind?

    Tear off the label, wet and scrub away at the remaining label to remove without leaving residue behind.


    15. Remove Mosses From Vinyl Fence

    Remove years of grime and mosses instantly

    Simply wet the fence and scrub off with a magic eraser


    16. Remove Dirt From Windowsills

    The Windowsill is probably the most neglected part of the home because it looks hard to clean.

    But with the magic eraser, you can quickly clean and make them look good as new.

    Credit: Building our story


    17. Make Glass Top Stove Sparkle Like New

    Turn your stovetop brand new again by cleaning with a magic eraser and a totally awesome spray from dollar tree.

    Scrub away at the burn marks and wipe down with a weiman glass stove top polish.

    A shiny new stovetop awaits!


    18. Effective Leather Cleaner

    If your leather bag is stained with pen marks or dirt, then the magic eraser is perfect for cleaning

    Credit: Lollipuff

    Remember to wipe dry after cleaning and polish the ring area


    19. Get Crayon Off The Wall

    Remove accidental crayon stains on the wall with a damp magic eraser

    No more worrying about kids drawing on the wall again!


    20. Whiten Fridge Handles

    If you've neglected your fridge handles for years, they probably look dirty and dull.

    Credit: i heart organizing

    Grab a magic eraser and start scrubbing away at the handles, remember to dry them after cleaning


    21. Clean Your Clothes Iron

    If you've been using your clothes iron for years, then this is a simple cleaning hack that you can use!

    Simply wet your magic eraser, turn up the heat and run the sole plate over the eraser.

    And with that you have a fresh and clean iron


    Love these awesome cleaning tips?

    Grab some magic erasers and start removing dirt and grime with ease

    Get magic eraser here

    Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

    Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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