21 Amish Deodorizing Hacks You Wished You Knew Earlier!

Here are 21 Awesome smell hacks to make your home smell good and keep it that way!

Keep these tips around for next time when you accidentally left the trash out for too long or when you have guest coming to your place.

Some of these tips are really simple but effective while others require a tiny bit of work.

Let's get started!


1. Empty The Trash Frequently

Most likely, the trash is what's causing the bad smell so it makes sense to clear out the trash every night.

That way you prevent forgotten trash from rotting in the garbage can and causing the bad smell.

Otherwise, you might try these antimicrobial trash bag to dampen the odor.


2. Eliminate Musty Towel Odor

If your bathroom towel hardly gets anytime to dry, then it's probably going to start smelling bad.

To remove the odor, soak the towel in hot water and white vinegar overnight.

Hot water and vinegar will dissolve the grease, fight off germs and stripping the musty smell.

Then, you'll want to sun the towel to make it smell even fresher.


3. DIY Mason Jar Air Freshener

If you don't want unknown toxic chemicals from commercial air freshener, then here's a recipe for you.

Fill your mason jar with cotton balls or tissue paper, then drop your favorite essential oil directly onto them.

Keep the jar closed when not in use to preserve the smell.


4. Deodorize The Fridge

You might have expired food that you've forgotten to take out, or you have leaving your fridge smelling like the garbage can.

Here's what you can do:

  • Pour a box baking soda into 2 containers
  • Place one of them at the top, the other in the freezer

Baking soda is well known for absorbing strong odor. 

You can remove it when the smell is gone.


5. DIY Air Freshener

Instead of buying those costly air freshener refills, you can do it yourself at a much lower cost.

You can add Downy Calm or Gain Fireworks to your wax burner, light it up and instantly your home will smell great and inviting!

Another way to do this without the scent beads is to use water with essential oils.

Just fill the burner dish with water and add 2 drops of essential oil to it.


6. Eliminate Carpet Odor

If you have pets or your carpet constantly come into contact with moisture, they are going to smell.

To remove the odor and freshen up your carpet again, mix equal parts of baking soda, borax and 10 drops of essential oil together.

Scatter the mixture liberally over your carpet as leave them overnight.

On the next day, vacuum up the baking soda and you'll find the that smell has completely vanished.


7. Freshen Up Your Toilet

If your toilet tank smell like the sewer, then it's time to deodorize and get it smelling good again.

To do this, pour 2 cups of white vinegar and add lemon and tea tree essential oil into the toilet tank.

Let it sit overnight before flushing it the next day, flush 2-3 times to remove the bulk of the dirty water.

To keep your toilet bowl smelling good for the future, you can add a small cup of Listerine mouthwash into the toilet tank.

Or, you may cut a toothpaste bottle into half and place it into the toilet tank.

This will give your toilet bowl that minty smell whenever you flush, without damaging your pipes and toilet bowl.


8. Freshen Your Shoes

Shoes develop odor over time and will cause odor buildup.

To remove the odor, sprinkle baking soda in the shoe and spread it thoroughly and leave it overnight.

If you have sweaty foot like i do, you may leave 1/2 tsp of baking in the shoe and wear it.

You'll be surprised at how effective this is at removing bad scent.


9. DIY Coffee Beans Fragrance 

If you love the smell of coffee, and want to cover up odor.

Place whole coffee beans in a wax burner and leave it in your study room or in the bathroom.

Your bedroom will smell wonderful with the scent of coffee.


10. Bake Something

Have guest coming over and want to give your home a sweet and welcoming scent?

Bake 2 tbsp of vanilla extract at 300 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes and your guests will compliment how good your home smells


11. Eliminate Smoke Smell

Use Volcanic rock to get rid of smoke smell, pet odor and other odors.

You can use them in the fridge, under the seat of your car, under your bed and in discreet places.

Why volcanic rocks?

  • they help to absorb moisture and odor
  • natural and non toxic
  • Place under the sun to recharge

It's one of the lesser known deodorizer that works so well!


12. Deep Clean Your Washer

It was shocking when i discovered how bad my washing machine smelled.

This is because they do not have vent to release air and moisture and are sealed tightly in all creases to prevent leaks, which can attract mold and mildew.

To clean, use activated charcoal and carbona washing machine cleaner and let your washer run for about 15 minutes.

Leave the door open for an hour to dry


13. Change Bed Sheets Often

We release sweat into your pillow and bed sheets everyday, especially when the weather is hot.

This sweat odor will seep into the mattress and cause bad odor.

To prevent odor buildup, change your bed sheets every 1-2 weeks depending on whether or not you have air conditioner.


14. Add Plants Indoors

Considering getting into the trend of potted plants! They will help greatly with the odor and make your home smell fantastic.

Not just a millennial favorite decor, indoor plants like English Ivy, tea rose begonia or sage are great choices.

Hang them somewhere near the windows where the get sunlight.


15. Open The Windows

Weather permitting is an excellent way to freshen indoor air and keep your home smelling great.

Leave the windows open for just an hour or two everyday and you'll be able to get rid of cooking smell or any other stale odors.


16. Use Scented Candle

Smoke kills odor causing bacteria, making scented candles the perfect choice for eliminating odor while emanating it's own fragrance.

Green tea, lavender candles are gentle and refreshing.

But do pick a scent that you really enjoy.


17. Deodorize The Mattress

Here's a spray recipe that you can use to eliminate mattress odor and freshen up your bedroom.


How to make one:

  1. Pour the water and vodka into the spray bottle.
  2. Drop essential oil into the mix.
  3. Cover the top with your spray top and shake well.
  4. Mist on the mattress and allow it to stay about two to four hours before covering back with sheets. Works like a charm.

Make sure that you do not wet the bed because too much moisture and not enough drying can lead to growth of mildew and mold.

Just spraying over your mattress is good enough.


18. Keep Those Curtains Smelling Fresh

Most of us don't wash our curtains every week and therefore, we want to keep them smelling good all the time.

Mix 2 cups of gain fireworks in hot water and allow it to dissolve and cool.

Transfer this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it over your curtains.

Remember to open the window and allow wind to spread the scent!


19. Eliminate Sink Odor

Is your sink perhaps clogged and emitting bad odor?

Here's how to fix it:

  • Pour a kettle of hot boiling water down sink
  • Add 4 tbsp of baking soda and allow it to sit for 5-8 minutes
  • Boil equal parts of water and white vinegar in a pan
  • Pour the boiling vinegar mix over the baking soda and wait for 10 minutes
  • Do a final cleanse by pouring a kettle of boiling water.

This chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar melts the residue blocking the drain.


20. Clean the Bathroom Rugs Regularly

If you have many family members living together and your bathroom mat doesn't get enough sun.

Then, chances are it's going to smell!

So, even if your bathroom mat looks clean, make sure to wash them every week to stop odor buildup.


21. Ventilate Your Bathroom 

Most bathrooms do come with a small window that may not be large enough to allow for proper ventilation.

This enables the build-up of vapors and humidity in the bathroom, which is why you find it smelly in the first place.

So here are 2 simple solution.

The first is to simply leave the bathroom door wide open after shower to eliminate stale air.

The second solution is to install an exhaust fan which will help air circulation, humidity reduction and odor removal.


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