Unbeliveably Easy Stove Cleaning Hacks (No More Scrubbing & Elbow Grease)

Burnt on grease are feels impossible to get off!

Especially on conventional stovetops where the shape, size and caked on remainders of meal long past can make all the elbow grease in the world seem like a waste of time.

Lucky for you, here's the complete stove top cleaning guide to make them look like new again.

Whether you have a electric stove top or a conventional stovetops this guide is for you!

Read on and i will show you how...

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Simple Cleaning Hack For Electric Stove Tops

If you have electric stove top, then you probably know dirty it gets, even with the simplest meal prep.

It's the hardest to clean with stains and food grease that refuses to budge even when elbow grease is applied.

But luckily for you, here is a simple recipe that makes cleaning the glass stove so much easier!

Less scrubbing, cleaner and shinier stove top that takes just a couple of minutes!

Here's how

Start by drizzling dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide across the glass stove.

Sprinkle generous amount of baking soda onto the stove top. (Add some hot water if you find it's too dry)

Spread the mixture over the entire stove top and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.

Next, you want to brush the stove top with a cleaning brush or a scour pad to remove the burnt marks.

Here's a sturdy scrub brush with nice hard bristles that is great for stove tops, kitchen sink, oven and are really comfortable to hold during the scrub

No more getting your hands filthy and all dried up when scrubbing!

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Use a scraper to remove thick burnt grease that you cannot remove by scrubbing.

Mix the cleaning solutions and scrub the stove top with the help of a cleaning brush.

Take a damp microfiber cloth and wipe the mixture off

And Boom! Your electric stove top will be looking just like new.

Really cheap and simple glass stove cleaning recipe that I've used for over 5 years and still using to this day.

Shop Ingredients To Clean Your Glass Stove

1 | Dawn Dish Soap

2 | Scour Pads

3 | Baking Soda

4 | Hydrogen Peroxide

5 | Scrub Brush

6 | Microfiber Cloth


How To Clean Your Gas Burner 

Gas Burners are way harder to clean because it has more components, you have the burner grates, the gas burner and the stove area.

So without further delay, here are some of the best way to clean your entire gas stove!

How to clean the gas burner

For this, you'll need 3 things, a steel wool, universal stone and white vinegar.

To begin, soak your gas burner in hot vinegar overnight 

The next day, remove the gas burner from the vinegar soak and scrub with the steel wool.

This will take some elbow grease but will be much easier compared to not soaking in vinegar.

At this point you can continue scrubbing until all the burnt grease has dropped (which takes a lot of effort)

Or, you can choose to use the universal clean stone (okay it's not really a stone but more like clay).

Apply the universal cleaning stone to your steel wool and continue scrubbing and rinsing often.

And the result is satisfactory!


Why do all the manual scrubbing when you can attach a cleaning brush onto a drill and push a button?

That's precisely what this drill brush set is all about! 

Say goodbye to elbow grease and power your way through stubborn stains, dirt and grime effortlessly with the push of a button!

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How To Clean Burner Grates

You'll need clear ammonia, cleaning gloves, large zip lock bag that fits your stove burner and a cleaning brush

For this, you want to grab a large zip lock bag, place the stove grates inside and pour clear ammonia into the the bag.

Let it soak for overnight before removing from the zip lock bag.

Wear your gloves, grab a cleaning brush and start scrubbing away, the gunk should fall off pretty easily after the soak.

And Boom! Brand new clean stove grates.

How to Clean The Stove Area

Now this is simple, grab a scour pad some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and some dawn dish soap.

Create a cleaning paste by adding baking soda into a bowl, then pour just enough hydrogen peroxide so that it becomes a paste and not too watery.

If it gets too watery, add more baking soda.Now add about 5-6 drops of dawn dish soap to the mixture.

Dip your scour pad into the mixture and start scrubbing away at the grime and stains.

Wipe off with a damp microfiber cloth and you are done!

Shop Ingredients To Clean Your Gas Stove


1 | Scour Pad

2 | Blue Dawn Dish Soap

3 | Microfiber Cloth

4 | Baking Soda

5 | Scrub Brush

6 | Large Zip Lock Bags

7 | Hydrogen Peroxide

8 | Steel Wool

9 | Universal Stone


Can't seem to get rust and yellowish looking stuff out of your pot and pan?

Then the carborundum scrub sponge is a must try!

It will quickly and easily remove any burnt on rings and make your pan sparkle without using too much elbow grease.

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Now it's your turn!

Now you have the recipe to clean all kinds of stove tops...

It will be great to share this recipe to your friends, family and anyone that you know is troubled by stove top grease.

Thank you for reading, please check out the articles below for more cleaning hacks.

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