Get Your Nasty Window Tracks Sparkling Cleaning Using These Ingredients You’ve Probably Already Have


Looking for a no streak window cleaner that cleans your window in minutes and how to clean those annoying window tracks?

Here's safe and natural window cleaner that leaves your windows and glass streak free.

But why make your own window cleaner when you just buy one?

Store bought cleaners contain harmful toxins and by spraying our curtain, bed sheet and window cleaner with them...

We are essentially poisoning ourselves to death! Plus, natural cleaners are so much cheaper than store bought ones.

Alright enough with the rant, let's get started!


I’ve used spray bottles of vinegar on windows as my primary method of cleaning windows.

I’ve never been extremely satisfied with the result, even when I use newspaper to wipe the windows.

Why? because there's some streaks left behind when using just vinegar.


The Discovery of A New Recipe

This new cleaning recipe, however, is totally awesome when it comes to cleaning window and glass.

I learnt this recipe from a friend i met online

This cleaner does contain rubbing alcohol, which, some would prefer to avoid.but hey, it does the job perfectly!

The recipe are:

vinegar, rubbing alcohol, water, cornstarch and essential oil


But why cornstarch and essential oil?

Here's what i found:

On a microscopic level, glass is not perfectly smooth so, when you spray water on glass, the water molecules gets trapped in the pits on the glass surface.

Water also clings to itself through hydrogen bonding – the hydrogen atoms from two molecules cling together.

Water stuck in the glass + water stuck to more water = streaking.

Cornstarch, dish soap or oil-even a couple drops of essential oil disrupts the hydrogen bonding and preventing streaks!

Sounds confusing? No worries, lets make some cleaning spray!


Streak Free Window Cleaner Recipe


How to make

  • Combine everything in a spray bottle. 
  • Shake well to mix.
  • Spray onto glass surface and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth


Tips when using this glass cleaner

  1. Avoid spraying on marble surface and eyeglass because vinegar is acidic and will react and cause the surface to turn cloudy.

  2. Label your glass cleaner to avoid mixing with your other sprays

  3. Allergic to corn? Use tapioca starch and it will work fine

  4. Shake well before use, corn starch will settle at the bottle after long period of time and shaking prevents your spray from clogging up.

  5. Use newspaper or microfiber cloth to wipe the window and glass because paper towel and rag leave lint behind.


How cheap is this recipe?

1/2 cup of Vinegar cost about $0.08 

1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol cost about $0.5

Cornstarch about $0.08

Water - probably $0

So this spray cost a total of $0.66

That's nothing when compared to something like Windex or any other window cleaner!


Now here's the part you'll LOVE!

How to clean window track without effort!

the window track is probably one of the most difficult to clean areas in your home because of it's profile.

But no worries, there is nothing that can't be cleaned!

Here are the ingredients to prepare

Place your sponge onto track and mark the sponge with a marker where there's a protruding profile

Cut a straight line where there are markings

This is how your sponge will look like after the modification...

Create a soap vinegar water solution, 5 drops of dawn dish soap and stir

Dip your sponge into the soap solution then scrub the window tracks back and forth.

The dawn dish soap will remove the grease while vinegar removes hardened residues.

The sponge will also pick up dust and dirt along the way!

And Tada !!!

Your window track is clean as new

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Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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