30+ Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls

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Is your little princess growing up all too soon?

She'll be a whole lot bigger even before you realize it, and will need her own space as she grows.

It just takes a little inspiration and patience to make your little girl’s dream come true.

Here are 30+ bedroom ideas to help you design her little own nook.


Pink Bedroom Ideas

The hottest color right now is pink!

Why not go all out girly style by incorporating pink into her bedroom theme?

Check the pictures below out to see rooms that looks amazing with pink.

Credit | ARQ_Designer

Here's my favorite combo, pink, grey and black

This is a soft color combination that looks absolutely gorgeous in a teen girl's room.

For the first piece, you'll want to create a painting or custom pieces that hangs over the beds.

And for the second, choose your favorite quotes or a painting that you love.

Credit | Bella Minna

Pink and black are a perfect color combination and will look great in any room.

The black draw attention over the entire room while the pink adds that soft feminine touch.

Credit | Luckyplot13

White, pink and grey is another amazing color combination you can use.

You'll noticed how these 3 colors works to create that beautiful and consistent look throughout the whole room.

Love these ideas? Check the links below to find the pink bed bedding and related decors.

Gold & Pink Bedding

Pink Polka Dots Bedding

Pink Ruffle Bedding

Not a fan of pink themes? Continue reading because i have 20 more ideas for you! 


Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian decor works by re purposing objects to ultimately create, almost in a happy accident, an unconventional color, quirky and outside the box decor.

It reflects who you are your personal experiences and it tells your story!

Check out these beautiful boho bedroom ideas

Credit | Darlingdarleen

This boho bedroom combines natural lighting, wallpapers, light fixtures that is both feminine and has a bohemian vibe to it.

The removable wallpaper is a key part to making this bedroom a success.

Credit | Oscar Bravo

A funky tapestry and printed bedspread helped transform this bedroom into a boho paradise.

Using a sophisticated side table as an replacement to a traditional nightstand makes the room feel more grown up and trendy.

The corner desk is for helping your daughter get projects or homework done in peace.

Credit | Turquoise+Tabacco

Here's a minimalist boho style bedroom with, crisp white walls and curtains contrast with warm medium-toned wood flooring and furniture.

This room is beautifully decorated with a throwback macrame wall hanging, a cognac leather Moroccan pouf on the floor, and matching mid-century style wood side tables with a pair of plants.

Here are links to the bedding, wallpaper and decors for the boho bedroom

Snowy Rose Wallpaper

Study Desk with Drawer

Leather Round Cocktail Seats

Hanging Rattan Chair

Auburn Class Bed


Bright Modern Bedroom

The bed is the focal point for the entire bedroom, to make it stand out, use a luxurious bedding.

You can do this by throwing in a mix of textures, layer your pillows and blankets. 

Credit | oheightohnine

The Zephyr design uses a crisp white and complimenting cool grey shade, giving the room a fresh and modern look.

The color on the bottom half was Dulux tranquil retreat half that made the big difference.

Credit | Sugarcolorhouse

Here a perfect example example of how to use texture, colors and layering to create a modern and beautiful look.

Credit | Ccandmikecreations

Just by adding a throw blanket and patterned pillow sheet on the bed makes it look like a 5 star hotel!

Below are links to modern bedding that you might use.

Chick Comforter Cover

White Pom Pom

Pintuck Down Comforter

Design Raina Comforter


Teen Girl Bedroom With Personalized Decor

Make the bedroom feel warm and welcoming with unique decors such as childhood photos, custom pieces.

This will add fun and details that showcase her personality, creating a room that she truly loves.

Below are some design inspirations on how to create beautiful looking teen bedroom with decors.

Credit | Plumartbe

Add a touch of playfulness to your bedroom with specialty pillows like these ones.

Credit | Teendeco

Showcase your personality and put your favorite moments where you can see them everyday.

You can do this by installing a picture frame in the center and then stick your photos around it.

Credit | Shopmangopeople

Another way is to hang your photos over the bed with warm lights.

Here are links to the decors.

Eyelash Pillow Cover

Fluffy Bedroom Rugs

Photo Clips with Lights

Led Letter Lamp


Pretty Bedroom With Pretty Desk

There are tons of modern desk out there, grab a one and pair it with pretty desk chairs, then add some accessories to finish.

When her bedroom is prettier, homework becomes easier and more enjoyable to do.

Credit | ARQ Designer

A beautiful bedroom that looks neat and modern with a see through chair.

Credit | littlehouseinlondon

This design showcases her personality and with the cute little desk accessories, this is a great idea for small bedrooms.

Credit | Sajas World

Here's another great idea for small bedrooms. 

A pretty desk with cute accessories for the perfect study environment!

Here are links to to beautiful desk and chairs for her bedroom

Velvet Desk Chair

White Marble Desk

Modern Desk With Drawers


Bedroom with Feature Walls

Feature walls are fun ideas that draws people's attention to your room as well as adding a focal point.

Feature your favorite decors, photos, art to make a statement!

Credit | Jencooper

Turn the wall into a huge chalk board by painting with chalk board paint.

This is a fantastic way to showcase your art or make a statement when somebody enters the room.

Chalkboard walls are great for scribbling ideas and having discussions with her friends are can be wiped off easily.

Credit | lovesleedsrooms

Wallpapers are great decors to make any bedroom more interesting.

Pick a matching color for her bedroom to make a statement in her room too!

Credit | Teendeco

Here'a an inexpensive and easy way to make a statement wall in the room. 

I liked how they matched the makeup desk with script type text statement.

Here are some Bedroom wall ideas for you

Inspirational Stick Wall Decals

Chalkboard Paint

Blue Forest Wall Decor

Arrowhead Stick Wallpaper


Specialty Bed Ideas

Create the perfect teen girl bedroom with specialty beds.

You can add loft beds, canopy beds, and normal bed with beautiful bedding.

Check these amazing bedroom out

Credit | ARQ Designer

Here's a custom bed design that uses a loft bed.

You might not be able to replicate this design fully, but it will give you an idea of how to use a loft bed to create more space.

Loft beds are perfect for small bedroom, adding space plus giving your daughter an elevated bed.

Credit | Barbarachapartegui

If you are good with DIY carpentry, it will be amazing to recreate this built bunk beds.

Credit | Mytexashouse

Here's a canopy bed with feminine feel and girly vibes.

Ask your daughter if she likes this type of bed.

Add in throw pillows to create the perfect hangout place during the day.

Remove throw pillows and it immediately becomes a bed. Drawers at the bottom for more storage space.

Here are some beds to use in your teen girl bedroom

Upholstered Day Bed

Marion Canopy Bed

Upholstered Bed With Drawer

Harlan Wood Loft Bed


Add Custom Lighting

Little lights are simple and inexpensive ways to add warmth and different vibes to her bedroom space.

Here are some of my favorite teen bedroom with beautiful lights

To achieve this look, its better to add a shelf over your bed and then hang the lights over it.

It prevents the bedroom from getting messy while giving the bohemian vibes.

In this bedroom, you can see how that the lighting enhances the mirrors, making it great for morning makeup and getting ready to leave the house.

There are tons of ways to add lighting to her bedroom and to create a certain vibe that matches her mood.

Here's the fairy string lights that changes between 13 colors and can controlled remotely.


A Corner To Chill

One of the key areas of a teen bedroom is having a seating area where friends can come over for a chat or have a cozy place to read books.

There many options to create a seating place, from fun hammocks, to hanging seats and comfy pillows.

Here are some chairs to recommend

Credit | Darlingdarleen

A beautiful and unique looking chair for the corner.

Credit | Roedahus

Add a pretty chair in her favorite color, a throw pillow and a warm comfy blanket for maximum comfort.

Credit | diepaula

Create an amazing reading corner for your daughter.

Just add cushions, pillows and blanket to a guest bed and she instantly has a cozy chill spot.

Credit | ourfarmhousedream

You don't need a lot of space to create the perfect seating areas for your daughter, keep it simple and functional.

Here are links to the seats featured.

Large Bean Bag Chairs

Hammock Chair

Modern Arm Chair

Ground Bean Bag Chair

Throw Pillows


Add a Chandelier

Having a chandelier in the room will give it a super feminine vibe.

Here are some affordable chandelier ideas that are both modern and vintage for your style.

Credit | ARQ Designer

A chandelier gives that feminine and princess vibes to her bedroom.

Credit | Decorforkids

Another great way to incorporate that feminine touch to your daughter's room.

Credit | Decorforkids

A bigger chandelier to make a statement in the room.

Credit | Pavaarindesign

Here's a modern chandelier for both modern and vintage style bedroom.

Here are links to chandeliers for your teen daughter's room

Modern Round Chandelier

Vintage Brass Chandelier

Mini Modern Chandelier

Square Crystal Chandelier


Now it's your turn!

So you have it! 30+ bedroom ideas for your teen daughter

Which idea did you like best?

Will you try out one of the ideas?

If so, you know where to get the decors!

Please share this with someone who you know will be inspired.

Thank you for reading

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


23 Creative Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms