20+ Of The Best Farmhouse Entryway Ideas You Should See Today

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Greet your guest with a warm welcome with these farmhouse entryway ideas!

It can be as simple as adding a piece of artwork, hanging a sign or photo.

No need to spend a fortune to create a beautiful looking entryway.

Let's get started!




Joanna Gaines demonstrates how easy it is to create a welcoming Entryway.

A large mirror, a cushy bench plus, a rug and some plants is all you really need. 

The Rug brings it all together.  A fabulous formula for a perfect entrance. 

I also enjoy this whole philosophy because even if the budget is tight… you can explore the Thrift stores for a cool bench that you can give new life to and it will fit your home and your personality.



Credit | Instagram

An expertly arranged gallery wall can really create an entryway that leaves a lasting first impression.

You could use framed pictures or typography on wood like in the picture above.

Just make sure you're mixing your sizes and add in some greenery to break up your gallery wall and add a rustic touch.

Greenery can be in the form of succulents in tin pots or even dried lavender hanging from a hook.


Add A Bench

Credit | Instagram

Adding a few rustic pieces to a shelf placed near the ceiling helps to draw the eye up making a small entryway appear larger.

It also helps to add some finishing touches to your entryway without taking up valuable space near the floor.



Credit | BHG

Now this Farmhouse Style Entryway is perfect for a family…a place for everything and everything in its place yet it looks amazing!

You have storage, sitting bench, cabinets and great natural lighting.

Everything a great farmhouse entryway can have!


Farmhouse Entry For Spring


When you visit Little House of Four you;ll be warmly welcomed with the most relaxing and welcoming entryway…

A planked white wall with a wonderful Farmhouse Clock, a beautiful table with  wire baskets holding everything from shoes to blankets plus, fresh blooms and special little items. 

A simple combination that you can put together with your own special touch!  A welcome rug is always a great idea too! 

Come on over and enjoy the entire space and be inspired.


Soft Touches

Part of the elements that makes up an amazing rustic decor is the soft touches in the look.

Multiple neutral colored soft fabrics calm the roughness of weathered woods and aluminum used often in rustic decor.

By adding pillows, blankets, and a wreath of flowers to your entryway you soften the rustic details.

This makes the entryway feel warm and inviting to your guests and family.



Credit | 99BESTDECOR

This fresh space is the perfect place to hang your coat, bag, hat, leashes, keys.

The wooden bench is just what you are looking for when putting on those boots or taking them off! 

All of this is a very small space… it’s a great idea even when an traditional Entryway isn't available. 

You can put this right next to the front of back door!  Let your mind run with that idea.



If you have a small entryway you may have to do some DIY work.

In the photo shown above the coat rack is a DIY project that perfectly compliments the space.

By leaving the coat rack mostly white they are able to create this illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.

Likewise making the shelf a charcoal color helps to add height to the room.




This entryway is ideal for small spaces and could not have more Farmhouse charm to it.

The weathered up-cycled window which you can most likely find in a Restore or Thrift Shop.

A wooden bench, a big basket to store all kinds of things under the bench, throw pillows which always makes a space cozy and charming then of course a touch of green.




If you're limited on space for your entryway just skip the seating and opt for a rustic looking step stool instead.

This saves valuable floor space while providing a functional piece to place your purse so you can put on your shoes and coat.

I love the copper pan on the floor to hold shoes!

This will keep your floors cleaner and keep water, dirt, and mud from getting all over your home.




This entryway proves that you can make it look fabulous with minimal items! 

A wonderful Coat Rack, a stool and a plant,  and wow how beautiful does that look?. 

Once again you can pick up all the elements you need a your local Thrift Store for a Budget Friendly creation or shop on Amazon  

It is crazy how much charm that simple accordion Coat Rack gives this space.



Credit | Instagram

Window frames are commonly used in rustic decor entryways.

To make the room look bigger than it is, use a mirror in your window frame

If you are using a lot of neutral coloring, you can add a splash of color by painting the frame.

The blue paired with the white washed lamps and the greenery makes for a perfect rustic entryway.



Credit | Sarah Joy

Here is an amazing idea to add to your Foyer or to any space near the door.

Start with a Modern Farmhouse Coat Rack and then adds a cabinet.  A simply short bookcase style that you can pick up in many Thrift Stores. 

Once you have the shelf that you want  you get to decorate it with all the charm you want! 

You might go for a Modern Farmhouse Style or a Vintage Traditional, it’s a perfect place to show off your favorite pieces and also a wonderful excuse to maybe buy a few that you have had your eye on!

Plants… basket and fresh blooms are always welcome.  It couldn’t be easier and it couldn’t be more beautiful.


Use A Decorative Door


If you have a small entryway, then this is the perfect way to decorate it.

Simply lean a door against the wall and add a small bench or step stool in front of it.

This is such a simple yet beautiful way to decorate a small entryway. This would work pretty well for an apartment entryway too.


Modern Farmhouse Entryway


Simple, fun, fresh and welcoming!  How about a lovely ledge to house some little plants.

Then use some hooks to hang whatever your heart desires and a simple bench! 

You may add some artwork or wreath or sign and in an instant your done!



Credit | vibekedesign

If you happen to find a bench match other pieces in your entryway to that bench. ..

Like in the picture above the pale blue was used in the coat rack and the pillow as well.

Using a uniform color on rustic style pieces makes for a complete look in your entryway. It also means you don’t really have to decorate it.




Here's an idea that is truly unique! This entryway uses fabulous up cycled Farmhouse Door to the back of the Entryway Table

And it looks amazing!

Just think of the flexibility you you can have with this design, you can give it a fabulous paint treatment of choice and you get to pick your favorite color.

This might be something you might want to try!  What a perfect space for a wreath too!  Enjoy this beautiful blog!




If your entryway has a staircase decorate with your staircase by moving up with the stairs. This makes for a visually appealing look in your entryway.

By keeping everything an off white it makes the room look bigger. The antique look is used throughout each piece and tying it all together nicely.




If you have the space in your home, you can use a large bench, some galvanized baskets,  a wooden toolbox, throw pillows, plants, racks, artwork and mirrors.

This Entryway will act as great inspiration… just a fun and personalized space!  Are you thinking of all the possibilities!  I feel a Thrift Store venture coming on!!!  



Credit | Instagram

Create your own unique rustic entryway unique by being adding special looking antiques.

You may find these anywhere from local shops, amazon, and garage sales to create a unique entryway.

More than just finding the unique items use those items in a way that is unexpected.

Crates on walls as shelving is a great way to create a unique and inviting rustic entryway.




This enclosed space before you enter the home is magical!

It is filled with Farmhouse Charm and life! A gardener’s delight. What a beautiful way to be greeted!  

It’s certainly a wonderful space and with the basic idea… you can take it any where you want to! 


Now it's your turn!

How do you like these complication of farmhouse entryway?

Did i inspire you to create your own farmhouse decor?

Please share it with a friend and on social media if you liked it!

Thank you for reading

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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