15 Unbelievably Effective Upper Cabinet Organization Ideas To Increase Storage

Is your cabinet already filled to the brim and you are trying to get one more item in, hoping that it won't fall off?

If you're doing that you need to consider decluttering and using organizer to create a system to keep your cabinet organized.

Here are 15 of the best upper cabinet organization ideas for increasing storage space and keeping your kitchen neat and clean 24/7

Let's get started!


1. Hanging Cabinet Organizer

Declutter your counter space with this cabinet organizer that hangs over your cabinet!

This heavy duty cabinet hanger can hold stacks of plates, mugs and kitchen towels safely.

Here's why i love this organizer:

  • It does not affect closing of cabinet door
  • It has anti slip feet
  • Can be used anywhere in the home

Get Hanging Cabinet Storage Rack


2. Store & Organize Your Spices

Is it hard to find the seasoning bottle you need while cooking?

Or is your cabinet overstuffed with spice bottles?

Use one of these spinning tray to quickly find the sauce or seasoning you need without having to pour out the entire cabinet.

Use it in your kitchen cabinet or countertop for oil bottle, sauce bottles, seasoning bottles.

You might also use it for your bathroom to organize your serum, face cream, facial wash and more

The Lazy Susan


3. Self Adhesive Spice Holder

Looking for a way to store your spice bottles without cluttering the cabinet?

These easy to install cabinet spice organizer will free up the clutter.

No more seasoning bottles stacking in front of each other, making it difficult to find the spice you want.

Each row contains 5 clippers, feel free to cut them up if needed.

Shop Spice Holder


4. Hang Your Kitchen Towel


Not sure where to hang your kitchen towel? Can't seem to find the perfect place to store them?

Try the under shelf paper towel holder!

Here's what i love about them

  • Easy & no Installation needed
  • Sturdy
  • I can hang my clothes too

Shop Under Shelf Towel Hanger


5. Hang Your Mugs & Kitchen Utensils

Looking for a simple, minimalist looking mug & utensil hanger that requires no installation?

These will fit the description perfectly!

It hangs multiple mugs, spatulas and utensils safely, making it an excellent cabinet organizer if you asked me...

Here are some cool features of this hanger:

  • They are sturdy and safe to use
  • Suitable for thick and thin cabinet partitions

And no it does not affect the closing of cabinet doors

Shop Under Shelf Hanger


6. Expandable Dual Tier Shelf

If you have small cabinets and you are looking for ways to store more things

Then this shelf will double your space instantly!

It lets you store your heavier pots at the bottom and not have to stack them

The best parts?

They can be extended to fit cabinets of any size

They are really sturdy and can hold heavy pots

They keep your cabinet organized so it's easier to find things

Love it?

Shop Expandable Dual Tier Rack


7. Triple Tier Cabinet Organizer

Always rummaging through the cabinet to find that spice bottle that seemed to have disappeared?

I've been there and that was why i got this!

With this spice organizer, i can finally find what i need at a glance.

It also keeps your cabinet neat & tidy 

Need this?

Shop  3 Tier Spice Rack Organizer


8. Adjustable Spice Rack

This amazing spice rack lets you adjust it's width and length according your the dimensions of your cabinet!

With 3 layers, you can be sure you have enough space for all your spice bottles.

Plus, It's sturdy design lets you store up to 40 small bottles per rack.

So, whether you have small or big cabinet, tall or short, this spice rack will fit in perfectly

Adjustable Spice Rack for Cabinet


9. Sliding Spice Rack

How about a drawer like experience when it comes to spice organization?

This sliding spice rack just makes it so much fun when it come to organizing your spice bottles

Shop Sliding Spice Drawer


10. Utilize Your Cabinet Doors

Looking to store your chopping board and kitchen towels? Here' an under shelf holder.

Simply hang them over your cabinet door and start storing your frequently used items!

You may choose to hang them horizontally too!

Shop Cabinet Door Organizer


11. Utilize Your Cabinet Doors

By simply labeling your food containers or any storage container you may use in your cabinets, you'll keep things look neat organized.

This is especially important for flour, sugar, salt and any food items that look similar.

Shop Reusable Labels


12. Food Storage Containers

The best way to give your cabinet that consistent and clutter free look is to eliminate food packages and replace them with food storage containers.

Another added benefit of see through food storage containers is that you know how much food is left and when to top up.

Shop Airtight Storage Container


13. Dual Layer Storage Rack

This dual layer storage rack is the perfect organizer for small cabinets.

It instantly creates storage space by enabling stacking of food containers, pots and pans.

And yes, it is heavy duty.

Shop Dual Tier Iron Rack


14. Wall Mounted Basket

Want to store your saran wraps, aluminum foil or sauce bottles somewhere accessible?

Store your saran wraps and food preservation bags in the lower cabinets

Strong enough to hold your cutting boards too!

Store seasoning bottles and spices in the upper cabinets

Shop Punch-Free Basket


15. 12 Hooks Cabinet Organizer

If you have lots of spatulas, utensils and cookwares to hang...

Then you should definitely consider this!

This heavy duty hanger installs instantly on any cabinet and can hold up to 12 items!

You can even hang your mugs and kitchen towels too!

Get 12 Hooks Hanger For Cabinets


Now It's Your Turn

Which one of these cabinet organizer is your favorite?

Hopefully you've found them to be useful and inspiration

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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