21 Simple & Effective Bathroom Organization & Storage Ideas (2021)

Our bathrooms are often the last place that we can't seem to create storage space organize.

Probably because it seems so daunting, we all have so many beauty products, lotions, hair products, deodorants and all the things.

But luckily for you, i am about to share the best bathroom storage and organization ideas to finally tackle your bathrooms.

Let's get started!

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1. Under The Sink Storage Idea

We all have that place in the bathroom we neglect and let clutter pile up but it's not because we want to, but rather we have no idea how to organize.

And that area is probably the under sink area where it's difficult to organize because it's dark, no shelving and pipes are all over the place.

The solution is to use shelf risers to utilize vertical space along with clear storage bins that are well labelled.

Credit | theinspiredhome

Credit | justanothermummyblog

1 | 2 Tier Expandable Under Sink Organizer

2 | 2 Tier Cabinet Sliding Storage Drawer

3 | Slide Out Sink Cabinet Organizer

4 | 3 Tier Sliding Storage Drawer

5 | Clear Stackable Organizer Drawer


2. Over The Toilet Shelves

Here's a rustic floating shelf that's perfect for getting that extra storage in your bathroom.

You can DIY a similar looking shelf by using a rustic walnut board and with the help of a couple L-brackets or buy one from Amazon.

Adjust the length and depth of the board to look good in your bathroom space or to maximize storage space.

Credit | myhomierhome

1 | Modern Rustic Wood Wall Shelves

2 | Floating Shelves With S Hooks

3 | Wall Mount Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

4 | Paulownia Wood Storage Shelves


3. Wire Storage Basket With Shelf

Here's a dual layer wire mesh rack for storing larger items like toilet papers and towels.

The top shelf is a great place to store bathroom organizers or decors.

It's a great design for smaller bathroom as it does not close off the room making the room look small.

Placing this rack under a window or or in the corner would be a great way to make use of wasted space.

Credit | simply2moms

You can get these at your local Homegoods store


4. DIY Hanging Storage Solutions

Here's a fully customizable storage solution for your bathroom that uses the wall for that extra storage.

To create this storage solution yourself, grab 2 towel bars, some S-hooks, storage baskets and cups.

Choose baskets that suits the theme of your bathroom.

Credit | practicallyfunctional

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Shop Woven Basket


5. Use A Rolling Cart

Rolling carts are perfect substitutes for the lack of shelves and cabinet space.

Push them around the bathroom with ease and roll the cart into the corner or gap when not in use. 

They can be used to store your bath towels, ear swabs, storage jar and even plants!

Credit | abeautifulmess

Shop Rolling Cart


6. Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Instead of throwing everything inside the drawer, you'll benefit by adding storage bins.

It makes for an easier time especially when you are in a rush to head out for work.

Credit | inordertosuceed

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7. Get Creative With Baskets

There is certainly no rules to where you can place your baskets!

If you appreciate the spa like feel of this bathroom. Copy this storage hack by hanging wicker baskets over the toilet.

This storage space is perfect for storing rolled fluffy towels or toilet paper.

Credit | thehomehabitat

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8. Medicine Cabinet

When there are too many items on the counter, it can make your bathroom look cluttered.

Adding a medicine cabinet is a great way to store your pills, bottles, soap and keep them hidden from sight.

You can install a medicine cabinet between the walls to maximize storage.

Credit | merrythought


9. Behind The Door Towel Hanger

the back of your bathroom door is probably empty, so why add some towel holders to utilize this dead space?

A simple and practical idea that i love!

Credit | jennaburger

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10. Over The Toilet Cabinet

This is an aesthetically pleasing way to add decor and storage to your bathroom.

The cabinet is well organized with glass jars, containers which makes the bathroom look clean and satisfying.

To implement this idea, you may start with a cabinet that matches your bathroom then go ahead and grab some baskets and storage jars.

Credit | thequaintsantuary


11. Open Shelving For Bathroom

Gorgeous looking shelving with a cohesive look!

By using the same storage baskets and visually similar glass jars and matching colors, this looks well organized.

However, it might be a problem when it comes to maintenance, do you think so?

Credit | ellaclarieinspired

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12. Rustic Mason Jar

Here's a rustic mason jar storage idea to consider. It's great for toothbrush, makeup brushes, cotton and other small items

You can recreate this look by attaching a piece of wood to the wall and using hose clamps to secure the mason jars.

If you want to add colors to the mason jar, grab some glass spray to create matching colors for your bathroom

Credit | modernmomlife

Credit | comfydwelling

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13. DIY Toilet Storage Ladder

This DIY over the toilet storage ladder from Anna White is a more modern take on the usual over toilet shelves

This is a great way to implement rustic design into your bathroom as well as making use of that usually empty space that’s above the toilet.

Credit | anna-white


14. Over Door Shower Caddy

Modern bathroom are typically limited on storage space and if a corner caddy isn't enough then a hanging caddy is a great choice.

This caddy is perfect to hang on the glass wall of any shower, it's water resistant and hold lots of items.

Credit | etsy


15. Toilet Roll Box

What a creative way to store and hold your toilet paper!

The hidden box keeps the toilet paper from sticking out and even has room for storing extra toilet rolls and placing your mobile phone.

It isn't hidden from sight so if you have guest over, it will be easy to spot without asking.

Credit | farm4staticflickr


16. Makeup Organizer

Getting ready in the morning would be a breeze if you had these handy makeup organizers.

When organizing your make up you will want to put like things together. It will make your life so much easier.


17. Utilize The Cabinet Wall

Here's a simple bathroom storage hack for your medicine cabinet that adds storage space without adding clutter

Simply grab a couple of self adhesive clear acrylic organizer from Amazon and start storing your items.

These are perfect storage solutions for toothbrush, lipsticks, nail polish cotton swabs and other small items.

Credit | sympa-sympa

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18. Creative Bathroom Basin

Here's a brilliant idea for the space above your bathroom basin.

If you have been leaving your bathroom necessities on the counter or on the basin, then you might consider adding floating shelves and swivel mirrors.

A minimalist setup for the modern bathroom

Credit | decorszo

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19. Cubic Storage

If you have a small bathroom space without counter space or cabinets like the bathroom below.

Then, you can benefit from having a cubby shelf on the empty walls.

This setup gives you so much more storage space than having a couple of shelves here and there.

Credit | avanro

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20. Clean And Simple Look 

If you want to minimalist looking bathroom with ample storage space, here is one to consider.

The idea is to use utilize hanging organizers whenever possible, in this small bathroom, they have floating shelves and hanging towel to make use of space.

They have also labelled the baskets so as to keep things easy to find and grab.


Credit | craftingintherain


21. Rustic Display Cabinet

Here's a floating display cabinet to showcase your decorative pieces as well as to store your bathroom supplies.

Ideally, you want to use glass jar and see clear containers to match the looks.

But of course, feel free to use this an inspiration for your modern bathroom cabinets.

Credit | upcyclethat


Concluding Words

Whether you have a rustic or modern bathroom, take these ideas as inspirations for next bathroom makeover.

If you haven't noticed yet, i have provided links to bathroom storage products that might help.

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Thanks for reading!

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