21 Dollar Store Storage Hacks For Your Kitchen You Wished You Knew Earlier

Looking for ways to organize your kitchen and increase storage space without spending a lot of money?

Then you're in the right place! 

Here are 21 practical dollar store organization ideas that anyone can implement to make their kitchen a better place.

Ready? Let's get started!


1. Under Kitchen Sink Organization Hack

Credit | neathousesweethome

The under sink area of your kitchen might be the toughest place organize because it's dark with lots of pipes in the way and has no shelving.

Lucky for you, here is an under the sink organization project that can be complete with a $10 budget!

All you need are some plastic caddies, deep storage boxes and stackable plastic bins from the dollar store.


2. Hang Your Measuring Spoons

Credit: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

If you cook often, then it might be better to keep your measuring spoons near you, but in an organized fashion.

Grab some self adhesive hooks from the dollar store, stick it behind the cabinet door to hang your measuring spoons.

That way you'll free up space in your drawers and countertop without drilling any holes.


3. Magazine Holder Hack

Credit | organizingmadefun

Don't know where to store your paper plates, napkins and kitchen paper?

Just grab a magazine holder from the dollar store to use as storage solutions.

It is best to store plates and napkins vertically because its easier to grab and find.


4. DIY Magnetic Spice Racks

Credit | instructables

What a great way to create storage space for the spice bottles!

You can make these by grabbing a hot glue gun, a pack of round magnets and some pencil baskets.

Stick the magnets on one side of the pencil basket with the hot glue.

Use more magnets for stronger attraction and ensure that the magnet are evenly spread.


5. DIY Spice Bottle Labels

Found from The Social Home

Mismatching spice bottles can make your kitchen cabinet look messy and disorganized.

The solution is to grab empty spice jars at the dollar store, transfer your spice over and label every bottle.

Uniform looking spice jar makes your cabinet look like an organized heaven and you'll have an easier time finding your spice bottle.


6. Make Spice Racks From Cooling Rack

Photo | thestonybrookhouse

Here's an amazing idea from Lori, she buys cooling racks from the dollar store and bends them into mini spice racks with pliers.

To mount the rack, you can choose between a screw or a adhesive hook if you don't want holes in the cabinet door.

What's amazing about this is that, it only cost a dollar to make 1 spice rack! 


7. Cutting Board Storage

Photo | thatswhatshesaid

If your countertop and cabinets are fully occupied, then this might want to consider this hack.

Attach this dollar store basket wire onto the backside of your kitchen cabinets using screws and you’re good to go!


8. The Best Tea Bag Organizer

Credit | handycraftywoman

If you have loose tea bags lying around the pantry cabinet then it's time to start organizing.

Grab a couple of rectangular storage bins from the dollar store to organize your tea bags.

This organizing trick is perfect for kitchen drawers.


9. Cupcake Liners Storage

Credit: tablefortwoblog.com

Here's the problem with cupcake liners...

When you need them, there are only a couple left, or you just can’t find them in the kitchen mess.

Here’s a simple solution, store them inside a clear mason jar and leave them on a lazy susan in your pantry cabinet.

Mason jars are readily available at the dollar store or on Amazon.


10. Use Tension Rods As Dividers

Photo | marthastewart

If your cutting boards, cookie sheets, and pot lids don’t fit in your cupboard while laying down.

Keep them separate with tension rods so they sit vertically, saving you space while also allowing you to grab them easily.

You can find tension rods of all lengths at the dollar store to fit your cabinet, just remember to do the measurements.


11. Baking Tray & Board Storage Hack

Found from The Kitchn

Can't find a place for your bake wares and chopping boards?

Grab a large sicker basket like the one above to store your cooking racks, baking tray and chopping boards.

If you're planning it leave them outside the cabinet, cover with a large cloth to prevent dust from getting in


12. Over Door Baskets

Credit: thediymommy.com

When it comes to organizing the area under the sink, over-the-door baskets like the one above can give you that extra storage boost.

They are great for storing frequently used items such as your dish brush, dish soap, and dish scrubbers.


13. Canned Food Storage Hack

Credit | myuncommonsliceofsuburbia

Pantry cluttered with various canned food?

No problem! Grab small wire baskets from the dollar store and stack them up like the one example above and label them according to category.


14. Kitchen Towel Bar Hack

Photo | Goodhousekeeping

Grab a towel bar at your local dollar store or at Target, throw on some hooks and it is ready for hanging your pot and pans.

If you want to add a pretty accent, you may choose to spray paint the towel bar in colors like gold, copper or jet black.


15. Kitchen Pantry Organization

Credit: lovelylittlelife-hannah.blogspot.com

Here is a great example of how to organize your kitchen pantry with storage bins from the dollar store.

Items sorted by categories and well labelled is the surest way to save time and prevent frustration.


16. Pantry Cabinet Storage Hack

Photo | socialhome

Food packaging lying all over the cabinet can make any cabinet look messy and very disorganized.

The solution would be to transfer dried food like cereals and sugar into clear storage containers from the dollar store.

Label every food storage container so you don't mistaken salt for sugar and vice versa.


17. Under Kitchen Sink Organization Hack

Credit | My Home Look Book

Here's a fun way to use cake stand from the dollar store to reduce clutter on your countertop.

Another advantage of placing your dishwashing supplies on a cake stand is that it keeps dish soap away from your kitchen sink and prevents excess water buildup.


18. Under Kitchen Sink Organization Hack

Credit | PopSugar

What an amazing work of art in the kitchen!

To create this look, just grab some mason jar from the dollar store, acrylic paints and sticker labels.

The colors are Seas Breeze, Lemon Yellow, Melon and Peony Pink (from left to right)


19. Use Turntables In The Fridge

Credit: thediymommy.com

Prevent things from getting lost at the back of your fridge by using turntables such as a lazy susan.

Just Spin and grab!


20. Use Storage Bins In The Fridge

Credit: thedomesticgeekblog.com

Instead of leaving your seasoning bottles, food packages on the fridge randomly...

Grab different colored storage bins from the dollar store and sort all the food by categories.

That way, you'll know where to search.


21.Chest Freezer Organization Hack

Photo | practicallyfunctional

I own a chest freezer, and i love how they can hold so much food. But, the challenge comes when it’s time to organize it.

So, instead of dumping all your food packages into the chest freezer, organize them into storage baskets from the dollar store.

Remove everything from the chest freezer, organize them into their respective baskets and then place it back into the freezer.

Remember to measure the size of your chest freezer and storage baskets when you buy them.


Now it's your turn!

To sum it all up, those were 21 dollar store organization ideas for your kitchen.

Not all of the ideas will resonate with you but do keep what you felt was helpful and implement them into your kitchen.

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