23 Of The Best Genius Craft Room Organization & Storage Hack You’ll Be Glad You Now Know

An organized craft room brightens the mood and can help to boost creativity.

However, your craft room can get messy really quick when you are busy with your new creation

That is why, having a system to keep your craft room organized is essential to your safety, preventing mess from piling up and everything easy to manage.

In today's post, i have 23 exciting craft room organization ideas that'll motivate and inspire you.

Let's dive right in!


1. DIY Pegboard For Your Accessories

Pegboard are like bread and butter when it comes to craft room organization - Because they are excellent to organizing just about anything!

This large pegboard can be easily mounted on the wall because of it's popular frame

Use this pegboard to organize your markers, ribbons, scissors, tapes, paints,  ruler and more!

The other great thing about pegboard is that they do not take up floor space which is a plus if you have small storage space.

Pretty functional and looks good too

Here is a pretty good quality pegboard on amazon that is ready to use. 

You might also need some pegboard hooks and bins


2. Cube Storage Baskets

My next favourites are cube storage baskets

These are excellent for cube storage shelves, use these to store irregular items like wool, files, molding, clay, cloth and more

they have large handles which turns them into drawer, giving you easy access to the items you need

Credit: Thecountrychiccottage

I recommend keeping the more frequently used items at eye level, the lighter least used at the top, and the heaviest item at the bottom.

In case you're interested, here's the same cube storage box on Amazon


3. Washi Tape Storage

To easy see your washi tape, we recommend keeping them in a clear storage container like this.

This is essentially a 2 in 1 washi tape storage box + dispenser, making it convenient to cut tape instantly. Plus, it holds many tape in 1 organizer

You can check them out here


4. Display Rack Stand

Credit: Instagram

If you love to showcase your supplies, then i would highly recommend you get a display rack stand.

They are great for organizing your thread, paint, nail polish, glitter and more.

Here's a similar looking 6 tier organizer that you might be looking for


5. Craft Storage Cart With Drawers

Credit: feelingnifty

If you are limited on space, then this craft storage cart can be really useful when it comes to crafting.

Personally, i think it is a neat looking cart that can be incorporated into any home decor style.

Check out how others are using this craft storage cart on amazon


6. Marker Stash Organization

Have a large collection of pen, markers and pencil?

Then you are going to love this marker organizer

It beautifully displays your favourite stationery, making it easy to find and organize. 

If you are interested, here's a link to the stationary organizer


7. Fabric Storage Idea 

Credit: ishandchi

If you have lots of sewing fabric, then this is an amazingly simple hack that you want to utilise.

All you need is a closet and hangers to be able to see your beautiful textile with one quick look.


8. Smart Wall Organizer

Such a simple idea that is perfect for small craft rooms

Credit: instagram

This organizer keeps everything in one place and helps you to unlock the vertical space you aren't using.

If you have a huge collection of stationery, then you might want to try this wall organizer with a simple concept


9. Wall Mounted Vinyl Roll Storage

Such a smart idea for vinyl roll storage

Who would have thought to use a grocery bag holder for roll!

If you have countless number of vinyl rolls, then this cheap and simple idea perfect to keeping them organized without taking additional room

You can get these grocery bag holder on Amazon


10. DIY Paint Organizer

Credit: pinterest

If you are into DIY, then you might want to consider making your own organizer with a large wooden board, some nails and wire baskets.

Looks really beautiful and creative if you ask me.


11. Craft Storage Organizer

Credit: Instagram

If you have a craft room, then you probably have lots of small items like buttons, needles, bead and many other small decorations lying around.

Hence, it might be a good idea to keep them organized in a craft organizer with pockets.

That way you can avoid the mess, keep like items together and find them with ease.

Here's the exact same craft storage organizer on Amazon


12. Embroidery Floss Organizer Using Pegs

How i wished i knew about this trick earlier.

Credit: heatherjslife

Who would have thought of wrapping embroidery gloss around clothes pegs!

I used to have a stash full of different embroidery floss that made it really hard to find the start of the thread.


13. Glass Jars For Craft Storage

Always forgot which jar, or box you left your craft items?

Credit: sweetredpoppy

Then you might consider a glass jar for your craft storage. It lets you see what's inside while keeping your craft organized at the same time!

Another advantage of using a clear glass container is that you'll be able to exercise your creativity much better and use what you have


14. Labeling Your Craft Supplies

Love making cards and drawings?

Credit: Instagram

If so, then it might be a good idea to label your paper cards with stickers.

It keeps things easy to find and everything just looks more organized.


15. Behind The Door Rack

Credit: Instagram

If you have limited storage space in your craft room, then a behind the door rack is going to help (mainly because of the extra storage space it provides)

This adjustable door organizer is really easy to install (no drilling needed) and is great for washi tape, paint, embroidery and other small items.


16. Craft Paper Storage

If you have piles of pretty paper everywhere and you are having trouble to stay organized, this this DIR paper storage crate is perfect for you!

Credit: creativeamblingsblog

You'll need a wooden crate, hanging file folders for this project

You might want to paint your wooden crate to add more live to your craft room, although this is totally optional.

Once the paint has dried, add hanging file folders so that it is well fixated on the sides of the crate.

Now add your craft papers into different sections to keep them seperate

You might also want to consider a labeling machine to keep track of stocks


17. Multi-purpose Organization Cart

Credit: repeatcrafterme

Carts are great organizer because of their mobility and can be used in more than one place.

You may consider using them for storing crochet supplies, stationery, craft supplies and whatever you may choose to do with it.

Here's the 3 tier cart that you might be curious about.


18. Floating Washi Tape

Credit scatteredthoughtsofacraftmom

Not exactly floating but pretty cool way to organize washi tape!

The idea is to use command hooks and a wooden dowel to create storage space for your washi tape


19. DIY Acrylic Paint Organizer

Instead of tossing all of your acrylic paint into a box or drawer, you might consider a storage space just like this one.

Credit: Instagram

You'll need a bulletin board, nails and clips

Hammer nails into the board in a horizontal fashion or in any way you like your board to look.

This gives you an easy way to access your paint and know when they run low.


20. Marker Storage With Glass Jars

Showcase your beautiful marker on your shelf with clear glass jars.

It lets you find the color you need with a glance without rummaging through the drawer or boxes trying to find that one pen.


21. Spool And Embroidery Thread Organizer

This affordable spool rack is the perfect solution for storing and showcasing your thread in one place.

The great thing about this spool organizer is that it doesn't take up much space and can be place on the table or small shelf

No more going through stacks of spool to find the color you need, this spool helps save time and frustration.


22. Yarn Storage Rack

Access your tools for your knitting projects quickly with the knitting storage basket.

This pretty yarn rack is collapsible and has pockets for needle storage

Checkout Knitting storage rack on Amazon


23. Shower Caddy For Craft Organization

What an amazing idea!

Using a bathroom shower caddy for craft organization is definitely functional, space saving and practical!

Hang your stationary buckets, sketchbook, craft papers and other small items on the wall to increase storage space for your craft room


Now it's your turn!

Which craft organization idea did you like best?

Was it the washi tape organizer?

Maybe it's the pegboard?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below

Also, the links provided lets you buy directly from Amazon at no addition cost to you.

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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