23 Of The Best Linen Closet Organization Ideas That’ll Inspire You

Tired of going through your linen closet to find those towel set?

Have a small linen closet that you have difficulty organizing?

Then here are 23 organization ideas to whip your linen closet into shape!

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1. Hallway Linen Closet

Credit | jenwoodhouse

The owner of this linen closet went the extra mile by adding wallpaper and labels for all of their linens.

I found that when it looks nice you'll be more motivated to keep it looking that way so spending time on the little details will pay off.

Two large baskets on the bottom shelf is a perfect spot for all those extra things like cords, and other supplies that you need but you don’t need everyone to see.

1 | Natural Woven Storage Baskets

2 | Label Holders For Storage Baskets

3 | Large Rattan Storage Basket


2. Creative Linen Closet

Credit | Domestikatedlife

Yep, your eye for design can even extend to your linen closet.

To give the space even more of a face lift, consider adding decorative wallpaper fit to match your storage containers, of course.

You'll find yourself opening the door just to admire your work.

Shop Black & White Storage Container


3. Coastal Theme Linen Closet

Credit | cleanandscentsible

Trying to incorporate a coastal or southern style vibe to your linen closet? Here's an example to inspire you!

The gray striped fabric looks amazing and the wire baskets are a must have that helps with storage and organizing!

1 | Wire Storage Basket

2 | Fabric Collapsible Storage Box

3 | Nautical Baskets For Storage

4 | Foldable Fabric Storage Bins


4. Hall Linen Closet

Credit | namastayorganized

The linen closet is a great place for to keep all of your toiletries too especially if you have a small bathroom that lacks extra storage.

You can get similar containers at the dollar store or Amazon to create the same organized look.

1 | Plastic Stackable Storage Bin

2 | Transparent Lazy Susan With Divider


5. Bathroom Closet

Credit | shegaveitago

Isn't this cute and amazing? 

The contrast between the woven baskets and white storage bins gives this closet a unique cozy look!

These storage baskets and storage bins are well labelled to keep it really easy to find things.

1 | Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket With Handles

2 | Plastic Woven Storage Baskets

3 | Foldable Handwoven Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets


6. Bright & Inviting Linen Closet

Credit | bhg

This packed but beautifully organized linen closet by BHG doubles as a cleaning closet.

The adjustable shelving is great for items of different sizes; and I love the large bin and the hanging storage on the back of the door.


7. Narrow Linen Closet

Credit | makinglemonadeblog

Here's an example of a narrow linen closet done right!

But thanks to the high ceilings and the vertical storage space, Carrie manages to maximize the space while keeping things organized and easy to reach by placing frequently used items at the right level.


8. Farmhouse Closet

Credit | honeybearlane

The baskets you see here can be found at Home Goods and after decluttering  the old / unnecessary items, this linen closet looks fresh and very organized.

I really liked the wooden crate look with the glass jars and all the white.


9. Hall Linen Closet

Credit | thehomehabitat

Doesn’t this just give you a feeling of calm?

All your towels, toilet paper and everything you need in its spot.

You can easily copy this closet just get several baskets in the same style to tie it all together.


10. Narrow Linen Closet

Credit | findinghomefarms

If you have a tiny narrow linen closet space then Laura Via Finding Home Farms has some great tips for how to make the most out of it.


11. Use Baskets To Organized Necessities

Credit | simplyorganized

Wire bins, especially the ones with liners, helps to organize and conceal cleaning supplies, toilet paper and like items.

Label each each basket to ensure that each container's contents are perfectly clear.

1 | Stackable Metal Utility Storage Bin

2 | Pewter Basket With Copper Handles


12. White Linen Closet

Credit | fromgreatbeginnings

Do you love an all white linen closet?

The white baskets and all the white towels, makes the closet looks super cool! 

The homeowner has also added lettering on the baskets for the “guest”, “king”, and “queen”. A great idea that we can take inspiration from!


13. Luxurious Cleaning Closet

Credit | cleanmama

An assortment of wire baskets and round trays will move from closet to bathroom or kitchen with grace.

The glass jars present clothespins, soap bars and scrubbing brushes in a luxurious way.

1 | Glass Storage Canister With Lid

2 | Clear Rotating Turntable Organizer

3 | Copper Wire Storage Basket


14. Linen Closet With Wallpaper

Credit | mariedesigns

This linen closet definitely gets those creative juices flowing. Add some personality to your linen closet with a wallpaper makeover!

It's a simple closet concept with new wallpaper and repainting shelves.

After completing the major part of the makeover, she added some woven baskets and an awesome large woven bin at the bottom.


15. DIY Linen Closet

Credit | Jaime Costiglio

Most of the linen closets you've seen so far are pretty simple but this one is a more in depth linen closet if you are up for a DIY weekend project!

She removed the old wallpaper, shelves and a metal bar that wasn’t going to be used anymore.

After removing everything to start with a fresh slate, she then built those awesome thick wooden shelves.


16. Bathroom Linen Closet

Credit | Kelleynan

In this example, love the simplicity of the matching baskets in the actual closet and the wire baskets over the door.

What a smart way to maximize storage space and organize all the smaller things like your soaps, shampoo, and other bottles.

Turn your closet into an organized masterpiece with this tutorial!

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17. Linen Closet With Laundry Stash

Credit | thediyplaybook

The charming answer to a guest's "Should I strip my bed?" question.

This adorable two-part hamper provides subtle cues concerning the preferred place to leave used sheets and towels.


18. Hall Linen Closet

Credit | Miriamekeoshian

Love floral? Then you are going to love this linen closet design! This closet has such an wonderful looking vibe to it. 

If you have small things to store, like essential oils, something like a small clear plastic bin would be the perfect storage spot for them!

So if you don’t want to repaint and build new shelves, then adding matching storage pins is the way to go!


19. Hall Linen Closet

Credit | sarahjoyblog

Here's an amazing hallway linen closets that gives off the beach and cottage vibes.

These storage bins can be found at target or Amazon and the shopping can be done within a couple of hours.

Keep the larger items you don’t use often at the top and keep the ones you always use in the middle, it will make your life so much easier.

Shop Rattan Storage Baskets


20. Amazing Linen Closet Transformation

Credit | amandafontenot

Amanda manages to transform her long neglected linen closet through the use of organizing baskets.

I like how she alternates between baskets and towel to create a beautiful and unique look.


21. Modern Farmhouse Linen Closet

Credit | Citrineliving

If you are a fan of farmhouse decor, then this linen closet tutorial is perfect for you!

This homeowner used organizing baskets to keep this space both functional and beautiful.


22. Deep Linen Closet

Credit | blesserhouse

I am amazed at love how clean and simple this linen closet turned out to be.

The owner did a complete makeover and also giving you excellent tips on how you can do the same for your home.

With great tips like using wired baskets to see what is inside, using large glass jars to store cotton balls, magic erasers and more!


23. Rolling And Folding Towels

Credit | tatertots&jello

Instead of just folding and stacking your linen collection in a pile.

Roll up towels to conserve space and add variety. You may even stow the bundle away in a bin of its own.


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Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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