Small Kitchen Organization (The Definitive Guide)

Running low on kitchen storage space?

Looking for ways to stay organized despite the lack of space?

Then in this post, you'll get 20+ kitchen organization ideas that will

Double or Triple Your Storage Space without drilling holes into your precious kitchen walls. 

Plus, you'll learn how you to keep your kitchen organized and stay organized for years to come!

Let's get started

This guide covers all the areas of the kitchen...

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Cabinet Organization

1. Use A Portable Turntable Tray

If have you lots of spice bottles and seasoning bottles in the cabinet, then you'll need a lazy Susan.

Just spin the tray and grab what you need, no more toppling over bottles and breaking things.

You might even group frequently used items together and place them next to your stove for an easier cooking experience.

If you are grouping items, remember to label them.

Great for storing and organizing your cleaning supplies too.

Great for upper and lower cabinets for storing 

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2. Use Cabinet Wall To Store Spice Bottles

Most likely the back of your cabinet door is empty, so why not use that space to store your spice bottles?

That is a lot of space that you can potentially free up.

Simple to install, comes with adhesive that works on any cabinet door.

Easy to use, just push into the clippers when done using.


Make your own spice board if you love diy crafts

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3. Use A Wall Mounted Basket

Want to store your saran wraps, aluminum foil or sauce bottles somewhere accessible?

Store your saran wraps and food preservation bags in the lower cabinets

Strong enough to hold your cutting boards too!

Store seasoning bottles and spices in the upper cabinets

Shop Punch-Free Basket


4. Use The Under shelf To Store More

Upper cabinet full? 

Simply hang one of these basket beneath the shelf partitions to get that extra space you need.

You can use it inside your cabinet to make use of vertical space.

Or use it outside of the cabinet for frequently used items.

And even the pantry!

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Counter top Organization

5. Use A Lid & Utensil Holder

Always looking for a place to put your pot lid and utensils during cooking?

Keeps the lid's condensation away from the counter.

Great tool to help you cook with less mess.

Works for large and smaller pot lids.

Keep your counter clean today!

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6. Hanging Bins For Easy Trash Management

No space on the counter for trash?

Just hang one of these trash can on top of your cabinets!

Cut and dispose immediately, no cluttering of waste food.

Move it anywhere you want.

Compress it up by pressing on the bin to save space and look neat.

Available in 2 sizes, small and regular.

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7. Keep Your Spices Within Reach

Want a fast and easy way to grab your spices when cooking?

Use magnetic spice jar!

Stick them on the sides of your fridge, microwave oven and oven.

Attach them to your cooker hood to quick and easy use.

Here's another way to do it.

You might even want to make it into a kitchen decor.

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8. Make Use Of Gaps Push Carts

If you have gaps between your fridge and your counter top, then you can use a gap push cart!

Slide out and grab what you need.

Then, slide back in

The perfect way to utilize storage space in a small kitchen.

Use it for your laundry room too.

No bathroom counter top? Use this to store bathroom items and cleaning supplies.

Available in 3 and 4 layers.

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9. Hang Your Pot Lids & Chopping Boards

Want to save counter space and prevent clutter buildup?

Mount your Pot lids and chopping board on the kitchen walls.

No drilling required, it installs using very strong adhesives.

Keep it hidden under the cabinet door.

Perfect for pot lids and keeping wipe cloth dry.

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Drawer Organization

10. Use Adjustable Drawer Divider

Can't seem to find the perfect drawer bins to fit larger items?

Customize your own drawer divider!

Works like magic!

Organize your spice bottles the way you want it.

Shop Drawer Divider


11. Use A Spice Organizer

Want to store spices in your deep drawers?

Try this!

Shop Spice Organizer


Fridge Organization

12. Instant Fridge Drawers

Not enough drawers in your fridge for storing items?

These instant drawers are perfect for deli meat, cheese and more!

Setup is easy no screws needed.

Great for produce and other small food items.

Shop Fridge Drawers


14. Use Stackable Food Containers

The fridge is a place that can get messy really quickly when you have lots of food.

You'll want to prevent that from happening by using storage bins.

In case you have food spoilage or leakage, these containers will keep the rest of your fridge safe.

Plus, you'll be able to see what's inside your fridge (no more hidden food at the back)

Always go with fridge containers that have large handles

You'll have an easier time grabbing items quickly.

These containers come in 3 sizes for storing different items.

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15. Use The Sides Of Your Fridge

Can't find a place to hang your paper towels?

Try this magnetic fridge shelf for your spice bottles and paper towels.

Great for storing your spice bottles

Paste it on the sides of your fridge, just like the magnetic decorations

There are hooks at the bottom to hang your towels.

Available in black & white color.

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16. Silicone Bags For Storing Soup

Store soup and smoothie in your fridge?

Try these leak proof silicone bags.

Made of food grade material, they are a great option for storing liquid, produce, and more.

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Sink Top Organization

17. Use A Rolling Sink Rack

Do you dry your dishes on the counter top?

If so, there's a better way to dry your dishes without cluttering and wetting the counter!

Roll them over your sink to dry your dishes and cooking pots

Works on all kinds of sink. Roll up when you're done with drying

Free your counter top from clutter today!

Shop Drying Rack


18. Over The Sink Drying Rack

If you have a small counter space but want to keep your dishes near the sink

Then, here's a drying and storage rack that'll find useful.

It lets you dry your dishes directly over the sink and is a good place to store your knifes.

No more cluttering your counter with dishes and cooking pans.

Fits all kinds of kitchen.

No drilling needed, Once assembled, place it over the sink and you're good to go!

Shop Sink Rack


19. Use A Soap Pump

Dishwashing soap is expensive and putting them in a bottle just causes overuse and messing up the sink.

Try using a soap pump instead!

Press down on the pump to dispense the right amount of soap

Prevent over pumping of soap, saving you money in the long run

Plus, it reduces the need for a soap bottle and sponge holder.

Shop Soap Pump


20. Use Expandable Sink Rack

Here's a adjustable colander for all your drying needs

What i love about this drying basket is that it can be adjusted to fit any kinds of sink.

Keeps your counter dry and clean too!

Shop Colander


Under The Sink Organization

21. Use Adjustable Riser Shelf

Storage space is scare under the sink and having the pipes in the way just makes it worst.

So, you'll want to utilize the vertical space as much as possible.

The solution?  Use an adjustable and customizable sink riser that works itself around the pipes.

Place your baskets on top of each other to store more and give your bathroom that clean, organized look.

Because it's adjustable, It works on any sink cabinet, no matter how tight the space or where the pipes are located.

You can also customize the height of each and every level of the riser rack to suit your needs.

You don't have to use every single block, leaving some space in between in fine.

If you think this is a fantastic idea, then you are absolutely right!

Shop Under Sink Shelf


22. Use Organizing Containers

Clear organization bins are great for storing smaller items like sponge, laundry tablets, cloth, cleaning supplies and more.

It lets you see what's inside the bin and grab them instantly.

Container Bins are also great for storing cleaning supplies and spray bottles.

Plus, It gives your under sink area a nice consistent look.

Do stack them up if you have a shelf riser, it'll help to save lots of storage space.

Label them by categories so that you'll know which bin to search.

Shop Organizing Bins


23. Group like items Together

Grouping like items helps to save time and frustration and lets you know where to find what.

For example, if you have a couple of toilet cleaning products and car cleaning products.

Instead of mixing them together, you might want to separate them by placing them into different colored baskets or place them into separate clear bins with label.


24. Use A Cabinet Door Basket

A simple and easy way to gain more storage space is to use the space on your cabinet doors.

But how?

By using over the door baskets and towel holders.

If you have cleaning supplies that you use frequently, why not use the cabinet door to store them?

No more bending over trying to find that spray or bottle you need.

If you line your bins with plastic bag, then this can be a great idea too

Simply hang it on the cabinet door, no installation required.

And yes, use them to store your hair dryer, hair brush and hair iron.

Shop Cabinet Door Basket


25. Use Turntable For Bottles

Adding a lazy Susan under your sink area is a brilliant way to reach the items you need.

Just spin, grab and go

Use it for under bathroom sink

Group all your cleaning supplies together

Lazy Susan are versatile organizers and can just used just about anything at home.

There are two designs, the one with fence plus handles and regular lazy susans.

Shop Lazy Susan With Fence



Now its your turn

Which kitchen organization ideas did you find most helpful?

Was it the customisable shelf?

Or was it the use of storage bins?

Anyways, I truly hope that this post that inspired you!

Thanks for reading and please check out the products if you think that they are a good fit for your home.


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Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

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