7 Desk Organization Hacks To Boost Productivity

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Is a cluttered desk destroying your productivity?

Looking for some inspirations to declutter your desk and stay organized?

Then in today's post, you'll find 7 desk organization ideas that'll keep your desk looking neat and clean so you can focus better at work.


Let's get started by clearing your desk

When you are trying to organize anything, it’s best to start off with a clean slate.

Clear everything off your desktop and empty your desk drawers. Then, wipe and clean the surface of your desktop.

Throw and shred documents you don't need

Take some time to sort through everything that you took off the desk.

Keep what’s important and get rid of anything you don’t need anymore. Shred documents that could possibly contain confidential info.

Now that you have cleared out the unnecessary items and cleaned your desk, you're ready to get started.



1. Organize Small Stationery 

Having small stationery lying around makes your desk look cluttered. So it's better to store away while still keeping them visible.

Here's a desk organizer that is perfect for post it note, pen, glue, clips and other small office supplies

For all your small stationery

See through design allows you to find what need quickly

Place it near the corners to save space

You can even make part of a theme.

Shop Mesh Desk Organizer


2. Organize Your Drawers

Sometimes you might have too many stationery and storing them on the desk might cause it to look cluttered

In this case you might consider drawer organization bins.

A Great way to hide all your stationery

You can even use it for your art and craft items

Add and remove bins when necessary to fit your drawer.

Shop Drawer Organizers


3. Keep Your Cables Organized

USB charging cord, headphone jack, laptop charger can make your desk look super cluttered.

To combat this, all you need are some self adhesive cable organizers

Place it on the side of your desk to keep them hidden

Or use it directly on the desk to direct the cables

Design the way you want your cords to look

Shop Colored Cable Organizer

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4. Use A Pen Holder

Too many pen and markers and don't know how where to store them?

If your line of work requires constant changing of colored pencils, markers and pen, then this pen holder is perfect for you.

They have deep pockets for storing your markers and makes it really easy to pick out what you need.

Add Labels if needed

Use it when placed horizontally

Add some decor to make it look better

Shop Pen Organizer


5. Keep Your Documents Organized

If you deal with lots of documents, then some organizing with these sliding desk organizer will go a long way.

No more going through stacks of documents.

The sliding part makes it easy to retrieve document while still keeping them separate.

Love this?

Shop Document Organizer


6. Use the Sides Of Your Desk

Still looking for that extra storage space? 

Add a basket to the sides of your desk!

Use an adhesive mounting bracket. Simply attach a bracket to the side of your desk and the other bracket on the item you want to hang.

That easy! No punching or drilling or modifying your desk

Use it to mount your wifi amplifier, power socket, tissue box, documents basket and so on.

Shop Mounting Bracket


7. Use An Under desk Drawer

If you want to really keep your desk free of any clutter but still able to access your pen and markers quickly...

Then these punch free under the desk drawer will be perfect

Instant drawer!

Shop Instant Desk Drawer



Now it's your turn!

Which desk organization idea did you like the most?

If you've been inspired by any of the ideas here, you may click the shop button to buy them.

Thank you for reading, please share it with a friend who needs this!


Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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