15 Unbelievably Easy Ideas To Keep Small Cabinets Organized (Everybody Loves #9)


The kitchen is the heart of the home, it's a place where we get together for meals and have a great time.

However, kitchen cabinets can be limited in space and can get really messy when an organization system is not in place.

Today i'm sharing 15 organization ideas for both upper and lower part of your kitchen cabinet.

Let's get started!


1. Adjustable Shelf Riser For Under The Sink

If you have kitchenware or cleaning products, you probably keep them under the sink.

But here's the issue...

It can be hard to add layered racks underneath the sink because of the pipes and space constraints.

But luckily there is a clever solution

This retractable organizing rack lets you:

  • Move the partition where you want it,
  • Adjust the heights of each partitions
  • Change the length of the entire rack

You'll get to keep more things under your sink without adding clutter

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2. Spice Holder For Cabinet Door

Looking for a way to store your spice bottles without cluttering the cabinet?

These easy to install cabinet spice organizer will free up the clutter.

No more seasoning bottles stacking in front of each other, making it difficult to find the spice you want.

Each row contains 5 clippers, feel free to cut them up if needed.

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3. Over Cabinet Door Trash Can

Dispose trash conveniently whenever you are preparing your ingredients on the counter top.

This folding trash bin can be hung on the cabinet doors right in front of the counter and can be folded when not in use to save space.

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4. Under Shelf Storage Baskets

These drill free baskets are designed for smaller cabinets with limited space.

It lets you hang your mugs, kitchen towel, paper towel and even store your dinner wares.

It's designed for all cabinet doors so you won't have to worry about the doors not closing properly.


If you have a deep and tall cabinet, you are going to love this!

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5. Self Adhesive Cabinet Basket

The inside part of your cabinet door can offer the storage space you need

A Special door mounted basket can be used to store spice bottles, snacks, wraps and more

These basket do not require drilling or screw, instead, they use adhesives that works extremely well on the inner surface of cabinet doors

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6. Turntable With Fence

This simple kitchen organizer can turn a messy cabinet into an organized and pleasing to look at shelf

if you're organizing spice bottles, a lazy susan will help you see and reach all your spices in the cabinet easily.

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7. Under The Shelf Hooks

Looking for a simple, minimalist looking mug & utensil hanger that requires no installation?

These will fit the description perfectly!

It hangs multiple mugs, spatulas and utensils safely, making it an excellent cabinet organizer if you asked me...

Here are some cool features of this hanger:

  • They are sturdy and safe to use
  • Suitable for thick and thin cabinet partitions
  • Does not affect the closing of your cabinet doors

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8. Expandable Self Riser

If you have small cabinets and you are looking for ways to store more things

Then this adjustable shelf riser will double your space instantly!

It lets you store your heavier pots at the bottom and not have to stack them

The best parts?

  • Utilize vertical storage space
  • can be extended to fit any cabinets
  • Sturdy and can hold heavy items

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9. Adjustable Spice Rack

This amazing spice rack lets you adjust it's width and length according your the dimensions of your cabinet!

With 3 storage layers, you can be sure you have enough space for all your spice bottles.

Plus, It's sturdy design lets you store up to 40 small bottles per rack.

So, whether you have small or big cabinet, tall or short, this spice rack will fit in perfectly

Shop Adjustable Spice Rack for Cabinet


10. Sliding Spice Rack

How about a drawer like experience when it comes to spice organization?

This sliding spice rack just makes it so much fun when it come to organizing your spice bottles

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11. Two Way Cabinet Organizer

Looking for a place to store your chopping boards and towels?

Here are drill free options storage solutions for you to consider.

Just hang one of these over your cabinet door and start storing your frequently used items!

You may choose to hang them horizontally too!

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12. Easy Over The Door Basket

A simple and easy way to gain more storage space is to use the space on your cabinet doors.

Get one of these hanging storage baskets and hang it over the cabinet doors anywhere in your kitchen

No more bending over trying to find that spray bottle, trash bags and seasoning bottle.

If you line your bins with plastic bag, then this can be a great idea too

Shop Over Cabinet Door Basket


13. Over Cabinet Door Towel Bar

Have a couple of sprays that you want to store but can't seem to find the right spot for them?

Just use an over the door bar on the inner part of your cabinet to store your spray bottles!

Hang it over any cabinet door and move it around the kitchen as needed. No permanent installation means freedom!

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14. Self Adhesive Hooks

Whether you are looking to hang your kitchen cloth or utensils, self adhesive hooks gives you that that storage space you need.

As long as you are using it on smooth surface, it will hold even your heavy cookwares.

Shop Self Adhesive Hooks


15. Detachable Floating Shelf

Have space on the sides of your cabinet?

These floating shelves will give you that extra storage space to store your seasoning bottles.

Not just that!

My favorite feature is that these shelves can be detached and moved around the kitchen or house.

Once i am done using it, i simply slide them back to where they were supposed to be store.

Great for storing my seasoning and carrying all of them to the cooking stove.

Shop Detachable Floating Shelf


Now It's Your Turn

Here are 15 kitchen cabinet organization ideas

I hope i have inspired you on how to increase storage space and get organized inside the cabinets.

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Thanks for reading

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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