The Ultimate Guide To Increase Storage Space & Organize Your Home In 2021

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Recently, I've been asked how to organize my kitchen, my bathroom, pantry and so on.

So in today's post i have compiled a complete guide to organizing your home. From bathroom to under sink to pantry and kitchen it's all here!

These organizers will keep your kitchen organized and keep it organized for years to come!

Let's get started

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Bathroom Organization


1. All In One Makeup Organizer

If your counter is cluttered with cosmetics bottles, then it could be time to start organizing.

Consider a makeup organizer to keep all your bathroom necessities and bottles in one place.

It makes it easier to find what you need fast.

Get All in 1 Bathroom Makeup Organizer


2. Drill Free Shower Caddy With Hooks

This is probably one of the last shower caddy you'll ever need... It's drill free, rust proof and reusable for life!

Simply replace the adhesion hooks when you need to move it around the house or moving house.

Also, the detachable hook lets you hang your face towel, loofah, brushes, making it an all in one bathroom organizer.

Shop Shower Caddy w Hooks


3. Drill Free Corner Caddy With Built In Hooks

Wouldn't it be great to have an all in 1 corner shelf in your bathroom that requires no drilling work or modifications to the bathroom walls?

Here's one that fits the description!

Made with high strength steel and coated with waterproof and rustproof coating, this bathroom caddy will last a long time and can even be reused.

Just stick the adhesion hook on any smooth surface, mount the shelf and it's ready for use!

It comes with hooks on the edges for hanging your loofah, brushes and increase your storage space instantly!

Shop Corner Caddy w Hooks


4. Drill Free Soap Holder With Hooks

Here's an all in one storage solution that you might love.

The best part? It's drill free and can be installed on any relatively smooth surface in your bathroom or kitchen wall.

Great if you have soap and loofah lying around, it helps keep your bathroom organized.

Shop Self Adhesive Soap Holder


5. Bathtub Toy Organizer

Keep kids toys dry, clean and free from mildew!

Easy to install with suction cups, this net will help drain water from the toys and let you see what's inside instantly.

Shop Bathtub Toy Organizer


6. Rustic Style Towel Holder

Looking for a rustic style holder to match your bathroom or home theme?

Made with high manganese steel and laser cutting, it is precise, smooth and rustproof.

This Makes for a great bathroom decor and organizer

Get Rustic Style Towel Hanger


7. Rotating Organizer with Cover

Looking to protect your makeup products or bathroom accessories from accidental splashes?

Give these corner bathroom shelves a try!

It is essentially a rotating drawer for storing your bathroom accessories that'll will keep your countertop free from clutter.

Love it?

Get the Corner Shelf


8. Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Hooks

Looking for a lightweight and simple hanger to hold commonly used bathroom items?

Try this punch free hanger!

Installs strongly on any smooth surface and can be used immediately!

Get Stainless Steel Hooks


9. Instant Mop Holder

If you happen to store your mops in the bathroom, then you might want to try these mop holders.

Again, no drilling needed here, simply find a clean smooth surface and viola!

You have a sturdy and reliable mop holder ready to use

Get Punch Free Mop Holder


10. Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

Here'a another punch free shower caddy to utilize vertical storage space in your bathroom.

Just like the corner shower caddy, there is no drilling or punching involved.

Install on any smooth surfaces to hold large amounts of bathroom items safely.

I recommend using one of these in front of your bathroom countertop to store your soap dispenser and frequently use items.

Shop Punch Free Bathroom Caddy


11. Punch Free Mesh Basket

If you have a small bathroom and you need an all in 1 holder without breaking your wall

Then, this fits the description perfectly!

It installs on any smooth surface to give you a sturdy shelf that holds almost every bathroom items you have.

Here's why everyone is loving this shelf:

  • Does not accumulate water
  • Automatically Air Dry
  • Holds a lot of bathroom items

Available in black and white to suit your bathroom theme

Get Punch Free Bathroom Mesh Basket With Hook


12. Leafology Soap Holder

If you love using soap and can't stand how they almost always get mushy.

Then this leaf shape soap holder is perfect!

They drain every bit of water out, keeping your soap dry so that they last longer.

Plus, they look beautiful on the basin!

Get Soap Holders


13. S-type Cabinet Door Hook

Have something to hang near your countertop?

Try These Stainless Steel Cabinet Hooks

Simply place them on any cabinet door to get extra hanging space!

Nope, they do not affect the closing of your cabinet doors!

This is due to the flat surface design as you can see below

Shop Cabinet Hooks


14. Drill Free Toilet Paper Holder

Looking to install a drill free toilet paper holder in your bathroom? Then a drill free version like this would be perfect!

Not only is it easy to install, it looks modern and beautiful in your bathroom

Works on any non porous surface. But we recommend installing it on smooth and relatively smooth surface for maximum adhesion strength.

Shop Drill Free Toilet Paper Holder


15. Drill Free Soap Dish

Keep your soap bars dry and lasting longer with these floating stainless steel soap dishes.

They do not require drilling to install, rustproof, waterproof and will last a very long time.

Alternatively, they can be used an a small tray to add plants or hold a couple of shampoo bottles if that's all you need.

Shop Small Drill Free Holder


16. Silicone Brush With Drill Free Holder


Say goodbye to broken bristle and bacteria filled toilet brush, this silicone brush makes toilet bowl cleaning simpler and more effective.

The silicone brushes is flexible, sturdy, clean better than regular bristle brushes and will not scratch your toilet.

It's flexibility makes cleaning the hard to reach corner much more effective

Shop Silicone Toilet Brush


17. Drill Free Razor Holder & Hook

Looking to declutter your counter space and keep your bathroom organized Then these drill free hooks and razor holders will help!

They are drill free, rustproof, waterproof and multi-functional, meaning they can be used for hanging just about anything other than razors.

Shop Drill Free Razor Holders


18. Drill Free Hair Dryer Holder

This drill free hair dryer holder will keep your bathroom counter organized and free of clutter.

Super easy to install, just stick the adhesive pads onto your bathroom walls and mount the holder.

They are strong and durable so you'll never have to worry about it falling off the wall.

Shop Drill Free Hair Dryer Holder


19. Corner Shower Caddy

Have a small bathroom space with no shelving?

Want a corner caddy but not confident about drilling your tiles?

Then this is the perfect bathroom shelf for you!

These bathroom caddies comes with 2 super strong adhesive pads that'll complete the installation in just 2 minutes!

Here's why i love these corner shelf:

  • I don't have to risk breaking my tiles to install them
  • They feel very sturdy
  • I can safely press down to dispense directly on the shelf 
  • They are waterproof so steam and water splashes don't affect it's adhesion strength.

And they look beautiful in my bathroom!

Shop Mesh Bathroom Corner Shelf


20. Punch Free Super Hooks (12pcs)

Need extra hooks to hang your bathroom items that doesn't break the wall?

Then, you're going to love these

It install on any smooth surfaces to hold your bathroom towels, brushes, loofah and more!

The adhesive pads are virtually undetectable are extremely strong!

You can use them anywhere in your home too!

Get Super Hangers


21. Punch-Free Corner Caddy

Looking for a corner bathroom caddy that is punch free, isn't flimsy and have large storage capacity?

Here's one!

They come with 2 sets of super strong adhesives so that you don't have to drill your wall to install them!

Plus, they are made of stainless steel which means they aren't flimsy and can resist rusting

Here's what i love about these corner shower caddy

  • Very Sturdy
  • Holds onto the wall strongly
  • Very easy to assemble

Love them?

Get these punch free corner shelves here


22. Punch-Free Wall Shelf

Another beautiful addition to your bathroom

These punch free shelves are a great fit for patterned tiles and can be installed next to your toilet bowl.

Get Punch Free Heavy Duty Mesh Shelf


23. Drill Free Caddy With Towel Holder


If you are looking for those extra wide, all in 1 shower shelves that can hang your towel store all your bathroom products, this is it!

At 15 inch wide and a weight bearing capacity of 40 lbs, you can literally just get 1 of these and use them in any bathroom.

Plus, you can reuse them by getting the adhesive replacement

Waterproof, made of 304 stainless steel, it does not rust and will last for years

Shop Shower Caddy With Towel Holder


24. Drill Free Shower Caddy

Here's a drill free shower caddy with taller fences to keep your shampoo bottles secured and not falling off the shelves.

It's made of rust free 304 stainless steel, sturdy and easy to install

Perfect for just about anything in the bathroom!

Shop Drill Free Bathroom Shelf


25. Drill Free Multi-Function Shelf

Looking for a sturdy looking bathroom shelf with towel holder? Then this drill free shelf is for you!

It's great for holding all your bathroom supplies, shampoo bottles and lets you hang your facial towel.

The towel hanger is removable in the case you don't need it.

Shop Drill Free Shelf With Towel Holder 

Which one of these drill free organizers did you like best?

Do you have any concerns with drill free solutions like these?

Do drop us an email if you have any questions

You can shop them all over here


Closet Organization

1. Store Bulky Clothes Separately

Just a few bulky clothes is enough to add bulk to your closet and make it looks fuller than it really is

Use this hanging closet organizer to store your sweater, towel and other bulkier garment you might have.

Shop hanging Closet Organizer


2. Organize your Clothes Hanger

Not enough space in your closet? Not a problem!

Simply add your existing clothes onto this foldable clothes organizer to store your clothing vertically.

it can accommodate up to 9 hangers and it lets you categorize your clothing while staying organized.

Shop Clothes Hanger Organizer


1. Multi layer Trouser Organizer

One of the quickest ways to increase storage space in your closet is to use a foldable hanger.

This hanger holds up to 5 trousers at one go and can be hung horizontally or vertically.

You can even pull each individual hanger out to retrieve the pair of jeans you need for that day.

And because it's small and compact, it doesn't take up space and cause clutter in the closet or even your luggage bag!

Shop Multi layer Trouser Hanger


3. Use a Folding Board

No more flipping your clothes pile to find that shirt

Stack your clothes in an organized manner and find the t-shirt you want without having to remove the entire pile.

They prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled, making it great for the luggage bag

Shop Clothes Folding Board


4. Use a Shelf

Shelves are great for storage, but your t-shirt can quickly get mixed with your pants and your shelf can get messy really fast.

Using a dividing shelf like this keeps, the clothing separate and prevent them from mixing.

Plus, you'll be able to manage higher stacks of clothing.

Shop Closet Organizing Shelf


5. Start Using an Undergarment Organizer

It is REALLY difficult to organize your drawers especially when it comes to undergarment, bra and socks, they are all over the place every time.

Having an undergarment organizer makes the clutter "finally go away"

It keeps things neat and organized because of the separate pocket and helps maximize corner space.

Shop Undergarment Organizer


6. Add A Shelf!

There might be areas in your closet that you can't use because there are no partitions

This extendable drill free shelf can be added to instantly add more space without needing to create permanent shelves.

Shop Drill Free Extendable Shelf


7. Stack Your Shoes

If your cabinet or closet is already full of shoes and is so cluttered that you have trouble finding the shoe you want.

Then this stackable shoe organizer will help increase your storage space by 2 times!

The height of these shoe organizers can be adjusted to fit your sneakers, heels, slippers and boots.

Shop Shoe Organizer


8. Collapsible Clothes Rack

Maybe you are looking to add a little bit of space to your closet so you can temporarily hang clothes you need.

Here's a wall mounted collapsible hanger that you can use to temporarily hold your clothes then hide it when not in use.

Shop Hidden Clothes Rack


9. Try this Trouser Hanger

If you prefer something sturdy to keep your clothes organized...

then this stainless steel s-shaped hanger will let you hang up to 5 trousers hence replacing 5 other hanger you would have needed.

Shop Multi Trousers Hanger


22. Over Door Organizer

Here's an over the door organizer to instantly increase storage space for your bedroom.

Installation is simple, just attach door hooks provided to the metal ring and hang it onto any door.

They are plenty of pockets for storing your shoes, bedroom items and accessories and more!

Shop Over Door Organizer


5. Motion Sensing LED Light

If you have a dark closet where adding a light source isn't so practical or convenient, consider using a motion sensing LED.

These LED lights will turn on automatically or 20 secs when you open the closet doors and will remain off when no motion is detected.

You can use it in the closet, at places where light is much very much needed.

Shop Motion Sensing LED


6. Adjustable Wall Mounted Shelf

There might be areas in your closet that you can't use because there are no partitions.

This extendable drill free shelf can be added to instantly add more space without needing to create permanent shelves.

Shop Drill Free Extendable Shelf


10. 6 pcs Clothes Organizer

Do you have clothes that you want to store away? Have a luggage bag that you don't frequently use?

Here are some clothes organizer to quickly store things away in your luggage bag.

Because they are flexible and comes in different shapes and size, they will fit into any kinds of luggage bag no matter the size or shape.

Shop 6 pcs Luggage Organizers


11. Organizer For Small Items

Add a nice aesthetic touch to your home and keep small items organized with the hanging organizer.

Shop Hanging Organizer


12. Over The Door Hanger

Instead of leaving your clothes bag or scarfs all over the place, hang them!

The over door hanger lets you hang up to 5 item at once, it works on all doors without affecting door closure.

Just drop it on the top of your door and start hanging your clothes, bags, scarfs and coat.

Shop Over Door Organizer


12. Stacking Clothes Pin

Increase closet storage instantly and stay organized with the stacking clothes pin.

The clothes pin also helps to group your top and bottom wear together so you don't have to think about matching clothing when you're in a rush.

Shop Stackable Pins


13. Over The Door Organizer

Increase storage space and keep your room organized with this simple yet elegant looking organizer.

It requires absolutely no installation and ready to use right away.

The see through plastic lets you see what's inside each pockets, making it easy to find your items.

Shop Over Door Organizer


14. Over The Door Organizer

Need to hang things around the house without installing bulky shelves or nails?

Here's a self adhesive pad that works perfectly on any smooth surfaces to hold your frequently used items.

As long as it is installed on smooth surfaces, the adhesive is powerful and you don't have to worry about it falling off.

Shop Self Adhesive Hooks


14. Closet Storage Bag

Reduce clutter and increase storage space by storing bulky winter clothing away with these closet storage bags.

Shop Closet Storage Bag



Cabinet Organization

1. Use A Portable Turntable Tray

If have you lots of spice bottles and seasoning bottles in the cabinet, then you'll need a lazy Susan.

Just spin the tray and grab what you need, no more toppling over bottles and breaking things.

You might even group frequently used items together and place them next to your stove for an easier cooking experience.

If you are grouping items, remember to label them.

Great for storing and organizing your cleaning supplies too.

Great for upper and lower cabinets for storing 

Shop Turntable Tray


2. Use Cabinet Wall To Store Spice Bottles

Most likely the back of your cabinet door is empty, so why not use that space to store your spice bottles?

That is a lot of space that you can potentially free up.

Simple to install, comes with adhesive that works on any cabinet door.

Easy to use, just push into the clippers when done using.


Make your own spice board if you love diy crafts

Shop Spice Holder


3. Use A Wall Mounted Basket

Want to store your saran wraps, aluminum foil or sauce bottles somewhere accessible?

Store your saran wraps and food preservation bags in the lower cabinets

Strong enough to hold your cutting boards too!

Store seasoning bottles and spices in the upper cabinets

Shop Punch-Free Basket


4. Use The Under shelf To Store More

Upper cabinet full? 

Simply hang one of these basket beneath the shelf partitions to get that extra space you need.

You can use it inside your cabinet to make use of vertical space.

Or use it outside of the cabinet for frequently used items.

And even the pantry!

Shop Hanging Basket


Counter top Organization

5. Use A Lid & Utensil Holder

Always looking for a place to put your pot lid and utensils during cooking?

Keeps the lid's condensation away from the counter.

Great tool to help you cook with less mess.

Works for large and smaller pot lids.

Keep your counter clean today!

Shop Lid & Utensil Holder


6. Hanging Bins For Easy Trash Management

No space on the counter for trash?

Just hang one of these trash can on top of your cabinets!

Cut and dispose immediately, no cluttering of waste food.

Move it anywhere you want.

Compress it up by pressing on the bin to save space and look neat.

Available in 2 sizes, small and regular.

Shop Hanging Bin


7. Keep Your Spices Within Reach

Want a fast and easy way to grab your spices when cooking?

Use magnetic spice jar!

Stick them on the sides of your fridge, microwave oven and oven.

Attach them to your cooker hood to quick and easy use.

Here's another way to do it.

You might even want to make it into a kitchen decor.

Shop Magnetic Jar


8. Make Use Of Gaps Push Carts

If you have gaps between your fridge and your counter top, then you can use a gap push cart!

Slide out and grab what you need.

Then, slide back in

The perfect way to utilize storage space in a small kitchen.

Use it for your laundry room too.

No bathroom counter top? Use this to store bathroom items and cleaning supplies.

Available in 3 and 4 layers.

Shop Gap Gap Cart


9. Hang Your Pot Lids & Chopping Boards

Want to save counter space and prevent clutter buildup?

Mount your Pot lids and chopping board on the kitchen walls.

No drilling required, it installs using very strong adhesives.

Keep it hidden under the cabinet door.

Perfect for pot lids and keeping wipe cloth dry.

Shop Counter top Shelf


Drawer Organization

10. Use Adjustable Drawer Divider

Can't seem to find the perfect drawer bins to fit larger items?

Customize your own drawer divider!

Works like magic!

Organize your spice bottles the way you want it.

Shop Drawer Divider


11. Use A Spice Organizer

Want to store spices in your deep drawers?

Try this!

Shop Spice Organizer


Fridge Organization

12. Instant Fridge Drawers

Not enough drawers in your fridge for storing items?

These instant drawers are perfect for deli meat, cheese and more!

Setup is easy no screws needed.

Great for produce and other small food items.

Shop Fridge Drawers


14. Use Stackable Food Containers

The fridge is a place that can get messy really quickly when you have lots of food.

You'll want to prevent that from happening by using storage bins.

In case you have food spoilage or leakage, these containers will keep the rest of your fridge safe.

Plus, you'll be able to see what's inside your fridge (no more hidden food at the back)

Always go with fridge containers that have large handles

You'll have an easier time grabbing items quickly.

These containers come in 3 sizes for storing different items.

Shop Fridge Containers


15. Use The Sides Of Your Fridge

Can't find a place to hang your paper towels?

Try this magnetic fridge shelf for your spice bottles and paper towels.

Great for storing your spice bottles

Paste it on the sides of your fridge, just like the magnetic decorations

There are hooks at the bottom to hang your towels.

Available in black & white color.

Shop Fridge Shelf


16. Silicone Bags For Storing Soup

Store soup and smoothie in your fridge?

Try these leak proof silicone bags.

Made of food grade material, they are a great option for storing liquid, produce, and more.

Shop Silicone Bags


Sink Top Organization

17. Use A Rolling Sink Rack

Do you dry your dishes on the counter top?

If so, there's a better way to dry your dishes without cluttering and wetting the counter!

Roll them over your sink to dry your dishes and cooking pots

Works on all kinds of sink. Roll up when you're done with drying

Free your counter top from clutter today!

Shop Drying Rack


18. Over The Sink Drying Rack

If you have a small counter space but want to keep your dishes near the sink

Then, here's a drying and storage rack that'll find useful.

It lets you dry your dishes directly over the sink and is a good place to store your knifes.

No more cluttering your counter with dishes and cooking pans.

Fits all kinds of kitchen.

No drilling needed, Once assembled, place it over the sink and you're good to go!

Shop Sink Rack


19. Use A Soap Pump

Dishwashing soap is expensive and putting them in a bottle just causes overuse and messing up the sink.

Try using a soap pump instead!

Press down on the pump to dispense the right amount of soap

Prevent over pumping of soap, saving you money in the long run

Plus, it reduces the need for a soap bottle and sponge holder.

Shop Soap Pump


20. Use Expandable Sink Rack

Here's a adjustable colander for all your drying needs

What i love about this drying basket is that it can be adjusted to fit any kinds of sink.

Keeps your counter dry and clean too!

Shop Colander


Under The Sink Organization

21. Use Adjustable Riser Shelf

Storage space is scare under the sink and having the pipes in the way just makes it worst.

So, you'll want to utilize the vertical space as much as possible.

The solution?  Use an adjustable and customizable sink riser that works itself around the pipes.

Place your baskets on top of each other to store more and give your bathroom that clean, organized look.

Because it's adjustable, It works on any sink cabinet, no matter how tight the space or where the pipes are located.

You can also customize the height of each and every level of the riser rack to suit your needs.

You don't have to use every single block, leaving some space in between in fine.

If you think this is a fantastic idea, then you are absolutely right!

Shop Under Sink Shelf


22. Use Organizing Containers

Clear organization bins are great for storing smaller items like sponge, laundry tablets, cloth, cleaning supplies and more.

It lets you see what's inside the bin and grab them instantly.

Container Bins are also great for storing cleaning supplies and spray bottles.

Plus, It gives your under sink area a nice consistent look.

Do stack them up if you have a shelf riser, it'll help to save lots of storage space.

Label them by categories so that you'll know which bin to search.

Shop Organizing Bins


23. Group like items Together

Grouping like items helps to save time and frustration and lets you know where to find what.

For example, if you have a couple of toilet cleaning products and car cleaning products.

Instead of mixing them together, you might want to separate them by placing them into different colored baskets or place them into separate clear bins with label.


24. Use A Cabinet Door Basket

A simple and easy way to gain more storage space is to use the space on your cabinet doors.

But how?

By using over the door baskets and towel holders.

If you have cleaning supplies that you use frequently, why not use the cabinet door to store them?

No more bending over trying to find that spray or bottle you need.

If you line your bins with plastic bag, then this can be a great idea too

Simply hang it on the cabinet door, no installation required.

And yes, use them to store your hair dryer, hair brush and hair iron.

Shop Cabinet Door Basket


25. Use Turntable For Bottles

Adding a lazy Susan under your sink area is a brilliant way to reach the items you need.

Just spin, grab and go

Use it for under bathroom sink

Group all your cleaning supplies together

Lazy Susan are versatile organizers and can just used just about anything at home.

There are two designs, the one with fence plus handles and regular lazy susans.

Shop Lazy Susan With Fence


Pantry Organization


How to organize your pantry

To organize any pantry, you'll need to start by decluttering, so remove everything from your pantry, place them on a large table to sort them out.

Grab a trash bag and discard expired food and food that nobody consumes anymore.

Great! Now that you've sorted out your food items, you'll need to clean the shelves, sweep and mop the floors before beginning to organize.



1. Use Pull Out Containers

Remember how food packages can make your pantry look messy and disorganized?

For certain items like instant coffee mix, snack bars and sweets, its probably not practical to take them out of their food packaging.

That's where you can use pantry bins to store these items and still keep your pantry looking organized.

Store snack bars, protein bars and sweets.

Store canned food, cereal and pasta boxes.

These pull out bins makes it easy to find and grab what you need without flipping through heaps of food packaging.

Shop Pantry Bins

Need larger bins?

Shop XL Pantry Bins


2. Use Clear Food Storage Containers

Sloppy food packages makes your pantry look cluttered and messy.

So, one of the best way to make any pantry look neat and organized is always transfer your food to use air tight clear storage containers.

Not only is it neat and organized, it increase storage space, making it the perfect choice for smaller pantries.

By simply using clear containers, you can see the difference it made.

In this case, large mason jars labels, and glass jar with bamboo lids were used.

Works perfect on rack type pantry too!

Shop Food Container


3. Organize Based On Product Category

By placing like items together, you'll have much easier time looking for them and your pantry will look much neater.

For example, group cereals together on one side, spices on the other side. That way you know where to look and know which shelf to head towards.

Keeping like items grouped together also helps you keep track of stock, preventing you from overstocking or buying too little.


4. Use Dual Layer Shelf Organizers

If your pantry lack storage space, then it's a good idea to use shelf organizers.

They help to utilize vertical space and create an awesome display of items in your pantry.

Just remember to take measurements before purchasing your shelf organizers. Anyways, here are some organizers that i would recommend.

Using a layered lazy Susan

Here you see a dual layer lazy Susan begin used to group baby foods together.

It doubles your storage space utilizing the vertical space and helps to group like items together on the same platform.

Use lazy Susan for your storing spice bottles.

And use them for storing and grouping your canned food.

Pro tipPlace a lazy Susan at the corner of your pantry to fully utilize that piece of awkward space.

Shop Lazy Susan

The other organizer i would recommend is the Dual Tier Rack

This Dual tier rack lets you stack more canned foods, bread or anything other items so you get to store more items in your pantry.

And you can stack storage boxes too!

Shop Dual Tier Rack


5. Avoid Overstocking

Although it might seem like a great idea to buy in bulk to save cost and avoid running out of food, buying in bulk is often the cause of clutter and possibly wasted food.

So here quick tip here is to make a list of groceries and things to buy before heading to the supermarket and only purchase enough for a month or two.

That way, you prevent overstocking and only buy what you need.


6. Use Under shelf Baskets

Another quick and easy fix to get more storage space out of your pantry is to use a hanging basket.

They are easy to install organizers that hang below your pantry shelves to give you that extra space.

Deep enough for saran wraps

Works perfectly on rack type pantry shelves too!

If have already used organization bins and still can't get enough storage, then use the hanging baskets.

Shop Hanging Pantry Basket


7. Use Elevation For Easy Grab

When different canned food are stacked back to back, it is impossible to find the can you're looking for.

The quick solution is to use a 3 tier spice organizer.

It lets you see the label clearly so you can pick out the canned food you need without lifting the can one by one.

See everything with a single glance.

A pantry just neat as a department store!

Looks systematic and gives your pantry that consistent look.

Shop 3 Tier Organizer


8. Label Your Storage Containers

It's important to label your storage containers. This will help you identify each items quickly without doubts.

Especially important for flours, MSG, sugar and salt where they all look the same.

If you buy packages of spice powder and add them to your spice bottles, then it's important to know which bottle contains which spice.

You can buy reusable stickers rolls to get this task done.

Just stick them onto a food storage container.

Labeling is great for differentiating similar looking items.

Every pantry looks tidier after organizing and labeling

Shop Labels


9. Declutter Your Pantry Every 2 Weeks

Remember to make decluttering your pantry a part of your weekly or fortnightly schedule.

This helps with identifying what you have and which food is running low so you won't be caught having to cook dinner without salt or oil.

But remember tip #1, avoid overstocking 


10. Use a Push Cart

If there are certain spice bottles that you use on a regular basis, or if you want keep your pantry looking as minimalist as possible...

Consider using a gap push cart.

This gap push cart goes into gaps that you may have inside your pantry room.

An excellent use of space if you asked me!

If you can make a gap in your pantry room then this push cart would be perfect!

A push cart for your frequently used spice bottles for easy storage and use during cooking.

Shop Gap Push Cart


11. Use Hooks To Hang Other Items

Avoid leaving your apron, napkins and mittens lying all over your pantry.

Grab some self adhesive hooks and install them on the back of your pantry doors to hang these items 

This will also help create extra space rather than keeping them in your kitchen drawers or leaving them on your pantry shelf.

Shop Adhesive Hooks



Now it's your turn!

Which pantry organization tips did you like best?

If you liked this post, please share it with somebody who needs this and leave a comment on the pin.

In case you didn't realize yet, you can click on the shop buttons to buy the items mentioned in this blog post!

Thank you for reading!


Now its your turn

Which kitchen organization ideas did you find most helpful?

Was it the customisable shelf?

Or was it the use of storage bins?

Anyways, I truly hope that this post that inspired you!

Thanks for reading and please check out the products if you think that they are a good fit for your home.


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