11 Simple & Practical Smart Countertop Organization Ideas You’ll Love

If you have a small kitchen and your countertop is either cluttered or always out of space.

Then, in this post i will share with you 11 of the best countertop organizers so your countertop is clean clutter free 24/7!

Let's get started!


1. Roll Up Sink Rack

If you happen to have a small kitchen with little to no countertop space, then you need to check this roll up sink rack!

It lets you dry dishes, bottles, produce and kitchen utensils directly over the sink which frees up counter space and eliminates traditional bulky dish drying racks.

When you are done with the dish drying, simply roll up the drying rack and store away!

Shop Roll Up Sink Rack


2. Over The Door Folding Trash Can

My friend was really happy when she saw this! She had no counter space because her kitchen was just tiny and this came in handy.

This folding trash bin can be hung on the cabinet doors right in front of the sink to dispose trash conveniently whenever preparing ingredients and folded to save space when not in use.

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3. Under Shelf Baskets

Would you like to increase your storage space without drilling or making modifications to your upper cabinets? Check this out!

In the photo above is an under shelf basket that hangs below your cabinet shelving to give you the extra storage space you need.

Here's what many like about this idea:

  • Versatile & No installation needed
  • Comes with a mug and towel holder
  • Does not affect closing of your cabinet door

If you are looking to store items inside the cabinet and you don't need the towel holder, here's the one you're looking for.

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Shop Under Shelf Basket With Holder


4. Cooking Utensil Holder

Always Looking for a place to hold your cooking lid or utensils? Want to keep your countertop clean when cooking?

Then you're in luck today!

Simply using one of these ladle holder keeps the sauce and condensation away from your countertops!

It can hold up to 5 utensils and 1 cooking lid for a mess free cooking experience.

Shop Kitchen Ladle Holder


5. Mugs & Kitchen Utensils Hanger

Looking for a simple, minimalist looking mug & utensil hanger that requires no installation?

Then, these are perfect for you!

It hangs multiple mugs, spatulas and utensils safely, making it an excellent cabinet organizer if you asked me...

Here are some cool features of this hanger:

  • They are sturdy and safe to use
  • Suitable for thick and thin cabinet partitions

And no it does not affect the closing of cabinet doors

Shop Under Shelf  Hooks


6. Magnetic Organizer for Your Fridge

Can't decide where to keep your kitchen towels, seasoning bottle and utensils?

This ultra strong magnet shelf installs instantly onto your fridge to free up space on your countertop.

Use it for kitchen cloth, kitchen towel, oil bottle, sauce bottle, spatula, scissors, hang-able kitchen accessories, magazine, spray bottle and more!

Shop Magnetic Fridge Shelf


7. Cabinet Door Holder

Looking for an installation free way to store your chopping board and kitchen towels?

Simply hang them over your cabinet door and start storing your frequently used items!

You may choose to hang them horizontally on the upper cabinet if you prefer that!

Shop Cabinet Holder


8. Store & Organize Your Spices


Turntables make countertop organization easy and efficient!

Instead of storing your seasoning bottles on the countertop all the time because it's more convenient for cooking, use a turntable with carrier!

The handles on the side lets you grab all your cooking related items transfer them to the countertop from your cabinet so your countertop is always clear and clutter free.

Shop Turntable With Handles


9. Rustic Wood Wall Shelves

Looking for a matching wall mounted shelf for your farmhouse kitchen?

Made of the best paulownia wood, these shelves will beautify your kitchen and free up counter space

They come in sets of 2, the only difference is the one on top has a towel hanger and the one on the bottom does not

Shop Rustic Style Shelves


10. Punch Free Wall Mounted Holder

Looking for a holder that is strong, small and minimalist?

Here's wall mounted holder lets you store cooking lids, cooking pan and chopping board.

They can be installed with with or without drilling and when installed, they can hold up to 40 lbs of weight without faltering.

Installation tools and instructions are provided!

Shop Wall Mounted U Shape Holder


11. Easy Soap Pump

Here's a cool little soap pump that replaces your dish soap bottles and sponge holder which helps to make space on your countertop.

Plus, you'll be saving lots of money because this soap pump will help to prevent over dispensing.

No more unsightly soap bottles lying around with wet sponges in the sink, replace them with this stylish looking soap pump.

Shop 2 in 1 Soap Pump



Do you Feel Inspired?

Which one is your favorite? Did you think these organizers will help declutter your countertop?

If you find this helpful, please share it to Pinterest so that you may come back later!

Thanks for reading!


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