21 Impressive Family Command Center That Turns Your House Into A Home

Life can get so busy at times and we forget about the important things to do.

Having a command center in your home is key to helps keep track of all the important date and tasks.

Which was why I've put together 21 amazing family command center ideas to inspire you.

Let's get started!

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1. Command Center For The Kids

Credit | theorganisedspace

Every kid has a white board to write their schedule plus a clipboard to hold all of their papers.

This will make the mornings getting ready to go to school go so much smoother.


2. Corner Family Command Center

Credit | hisugarplum

The unused corner of your home is an excellent place to create a command center.

Instead of wasted space, you can turn into command central with this fun idea.

Besides all the essential command center supplies, all you need a cute corner shelf or even a small corner desk and you are good to go.

1 | Wall Mounted Stackable File Organizer

2 | Wall Mounted Dry Erase Board Whiteboard

3 | Wall Mounted Cork Board


3. Fun & Happy Command Center

Credit | thehomesihavemade

Who said that a command center has to be boring?

This fun idea is the perfect idea to keep all your kid’s homework and school stuff tucked away so your home looks neat and organized.


4. Farmhouse Style Command Center

Credit | clearancehunter

This farmhouse command center has everything you need to keep the important stuffs of your family organized.

There's a mailbox, a monthly dry erase calendar and a place for notes and the endless to do lists!

1 | Magnetic Chalkboard Monthly Calendar

2 | Wall Mount Mailbox


5. Industrial Command Center

Credit | lovecreatecelebrate

This command center will make you happy and get you excited even if you see it everyday.

It has a chalkboard to write this week's reminder and some beautiful plants that really helps to enhance the looks.


6. Magnetic Command Center

Credit | 4men1lady

Here's a magnetic board that makes me want to figure out where I can create something like this in my house.

This is a very flexible and simple setup, just move your magnets around the metal board when needed.


7. Classic Command Center

Credit | cleanandscentsible

Here's a family command center that is classic and clean. It’s very simple yet does the job of keeping you and your family organized.


8. Creative Command Center

Credit | onecreativehousewife

If you have receipts, mail and lots of documents to keep, then this setup will get you organizing real easy.

1 | Wall Mounted Black Poster Frame

2 | Whiteboard Calendar & Corkboard

3 | Black Metal Wall Double File Holder

4 | Multipurpose Wall Mounted Farmhouse Basket


9. Fun & Happy Command Center

Credit | ellisonmade

Wondering how you can transform a basic entryway and create your custom command center?

Brittany from Georgia, will show you how she started with a plain wall and then transformed it into a custom command center with two hooks for each of her daughters.

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10. Smart & Minimalist Command Center

Credit | howtonestforless

What i liked about this command center is that the trash and recycling located directly underneath it.

This allows junk mail, out-dated invitations and schedules to go straight to the recycling bin.


11. Framed Weekday Chalkboard

Credit | decoist

This gallery wall command center idea is a beautiful mix of style and function.

It looks beautiful while being completely functional to keep the whole family organized every day of the week.


12. Fun & Happy Command Center

Credit | househomelove

In this command center, every child has a place for their backpack, their papers and their daily schedule.

The file holders are labeled as well with categories such as to do, information, file, etc.

They have also included a monthly calendar which includes the entire family’s schedule.


12. In The Closet Command Center

Credit | thehappyhousie

Who knew you could transform a small closet into a beautiful command center!

This is an excellent idea for anyone who doesn’t have much room or would just rather keep their family command center tucked away.


13. Fun & Happy Command Center

Credit | domesticimperfection

If you love maps, then here's a beautiful command center for you.

The DIY map board is actually magnetic made with specialty magnetic primer and the wall mounted baskets are perfect for letters, gift cards and so on.

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14. Kids School Activity Command Center

Credit | craft-manicporch

Need help keeping your kid’s schoolwork and schedules organized?

This command center is the perfect way to never miss an activity so you always know what’s going on.

Also, your children will never lose their homework again.


15. Rustic Hallway Command Center

Credit | housefulofhandmade

Chalkboard, clipboard and a calendar is all you need to copy this very command center.

Write and erase your daily reminders and then set reminders and plan for the month all in one command center.


16. Colorful Kids Command Center

Credit | creatingmaryshome

This cheerful command center will put a big smile on your kids. If you love this command center , head over there to see the tutorial.


17. Classic Looking Command Center

Credit | functionmania

Here's a design that is perfect for corners! Every part of this command center is aligned precisely.

There are 4 baskets, 1 for each person in the house for holding their documents and papers.

What i love most is that the wavy design of the calendar helps to offset the right angles from the rest of the decors.


18. Fun & Happy Command Center

Credit | es.finspi

Fresh, clean and relax is what i get from this command center.

The chalkboard outlines tasks of the week while the whiteboard shows the task of the month.

I like the storage area where there are wall mounted rustic baskets for storing incoming letters and outgoing letter.

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19. Bright & Fun Command Center

Credit | seevanessacraft

Covered in bright colors and funky decors, this command is sure to brighten everybody's mood.

Every family member also has their own paperwork folder with their name labelled against a dark blue background.


20. Kids Command Center

Credit | bhg

Here's an example of a perfectly organized wall for the family, the chalkboard turns an ordinary wall into a fully functional command center.

They've used clipboards for their individual plans, storage baskets to store their chalkboard markers and stationery and a calendar at the top for the coming 2 months.

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Shop Clipboards


21. Fun & Happy Command Center

Credit | thehankfullhouse

A friendly looking command center that has all the information the family needs but does not sacrifice the homeliness of the environment.

The menu fixture is great way to neutralize the other sharp edges, making the command center look more inviting.



A command center is really a great way to help you and your entire family stay organized.

From the 21 command centers you saw, there's no right or wrong way to create one, just make it customized to your home and use these ideas as guidance.

Do you have a family command center? Please share how it helps you and your family.

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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