11 Never Seen Before Fridge Organizers You Wished You Knew Earlier

Is your fridge cluttered with leftovers and food packaging?

Having trouble finding space to store your newly bought produce?

Then here are 11 ideas to get you the perfectly organized fridge you've always wanted!

Let's get started!


Use Storage Containers

By using storage containers you'll be able to give your fridge that perfectly organized look.

Not only that, you'll be able to maximize storage space, store more items without your fridge feeling cluttered.

I suggest using clear container with handles so you can use them like a pull out drawer and grab things quickly.


And just like that! Your fridge looks so much more satisfying.

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Use Under Shelf Drawers

Fridge drawers are very useful when it comes to organizing your produce and deli meats.

It prevents wastage of storage space while keeping your fridge looking neat and tidy.

Here's a telescopic fridge drawer for that extra storage space.

The cool thing about these fridge drawers is that they require little to no installation, and they are very sturdy.

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Use Magnetic Organizers

Need that extra storage space just outside the fridge?

Use a magnetic fridge shelf for your spice bottles, paper towels and the hooks at the bottom for hanging your towel and cooking utensils.

Here's magnetic spice jars that you can use to store your spices.

What i love about this is the ability to see what's inside the jar and with the help of some labeling finding that spice is going to be easy!

Last but not least, a all in one shelf that attaches to the side of your fridge via suction cups and gravity.

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Label Your Items

Nothing makes your fridge look and feel more organized than when it's properly labeled.

You may grab a marker and write directly onto the container (which will be hard to remove)

Or, you can get a roll of reusable sticker label just like these ones.

Credit | penguinrandomhouse

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5. Use A Turntable Tray

If you're not using a lazy susan in the fridge, then you're truly missing out!

They are perfect for organizing cylindrical items like soda cans, condiments and mason jar.

No more going through stacks of items Just spin the tray and grab what you need!

You can choose between single deck, double deck or the one with fence.

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2 | Dual Layer Lazy Susan

3 | Lazy Susan With Fence


Utilize Vertical Storage Space

Here's an amazing organizer for hanging your zip lock bags to save storage space in the fridge.

It works just like a drawer so you can grab the zip-lock bag you want quickly.

Here's another fridge organizer to utilize vertical space.

It works by using the principle of magnetism to hold your beer bottles.

Not only does it look pretty, it helps to save space in the fridge.

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1 | Zip-lock Rails

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Use A Gap Push Cart

If you have gaps between your fridge and your counter top, then you can use a gap push cart!

Slide out and grab what you need.

Then, slide back in

This creates extra storage space for your kitchen that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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Now It's your turn

Did you enjoy this post?

I hope I've given you good ideas to start organizing your fridge

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Thank you for reading!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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