13 Unbelievably Simple Ways To Organize Your Medicine Cabinets

Having trouble organizing your medicine cabinet?

Do you have pills lying all over the cabinet and expired supplement bottle hidden at the back for years?

If you're looking for simple ways to organize your cabinet so you won't forget about the supplement you bought or have expired medications cluttering up your space.

Then read on and i will show you how.

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Declutter and Clean

First step to every successful organized space is to declutter. Take everything out of your cabinet and lay them on a large table.

Go through every medications and bottles and check the expiry date, also ask yourself these question:

  1. When was the last time i took this supplement?
  2. Do i still want to continue taking this supplement
  3. Do i know what medication is this?

If you haven't taken a supplement for months or even years and you are a little afraid of taking it, then just throw the bottle away.

If you picked out a medication that isn't expired but you have no idea what it is and the prescription is lost, throw that too.

Last, but not least give your cabinet a wipe and allow it to dry before placing anything back in.


Here are medicine cabinet organizing ideas for you

1. Use Storage Bins

Isn't it frustrating to go through the entire cabinet trying to find that bottle or medication that just seem to have gone missing?

The solution is to sort them out and use storage bins.

Group your items into categories such as medication, first aid items, children supplements, essential oils, digestion pills and so on.

Place the respective items into a clear storage bin and label them.

Photo | mymessorganized

And the best part about using clear storage bin is that you can see what's inside and grab the things you need quickly.

I recommend selecting tall storage bins with handles for easier access.

1 | Stackable Clear Storage Bin With Lids (2 Packs)

2 | Clear Tall Organizer Bins (2 Packs)

3 | Brother Label Maker


2. Use Mini Jars & Containers

Credit | bhg

Small containers are great for ear swabs, dental floss, mini hair bands, barrettes and nail clippers.

Choose see through small containers for an easier time finding what you need.


3. Use Turntables

Turntables or lazy susan are the best when it comes to organizing small bottles, just spin and grab, no more forgotten bottles left at the back.

If your cabinet allows, pick a dual layer lazy susan because it gives you that extra storage space.

Credit | abowlfulloflemons

Shop Stainless Steel Lazy Susan

Shop Clear Acrylic Dual Layer Susan


4. Use Shelf Riser

Credit | BHG

Adding cabinet riser is an excellent way to double your storage space if you have tall cabinet shelf.

The best part is that they add space without adding clutter just like the acrylic riser above.

Shop Acrylic Shelf Riser


5. Install Knobs

If, like me you don't have any drawers, you can always install knobs inside the cabinet for hanging elastic bands

Credit | themerrythought


6. Command Hook Hacks

Instead of bulky toothbrush holders, hang your toothbrushes with command hooks.

Shop Command Hooks


7. Use Clear Drawers

Credit | justagirl

Isn't it amazing what you can do with just a small drawer organizer and some labels?

No more rummaging your cabinet to find your first aid kit or that cold medicine you remembered you bought.

1 | Clear Organizing Drawer

2 | Brother Label Maker


8. Use A Drop Down Rack

Credit | yourbraincubed

This up and down polytherm spice rack is a smart way to organize your bottles while making it really easy to grab what you need.

Like the polytherm spice rack?

Buy Polytherm Spice Rack on Amazon


9. Use A Magnetic Mount

Mount magnetic strips inside the cabinet to hold your tweezers, bobby pins, nail files, nail clippers and so on.

This helps utilize the 

Credit | Jonny Valiant

Otherwise, you may consider adding a galvanized sheet metal to the back of your medicine cabinet then use magnets to store your items.

To make this magnetic medicine cabinet see the tutorial here

Credit | Cherishedbliss

Shop Magnetic Strips


10. DIY Medicine Box

Credit | christinaleaman

Too many medicine boxes lying around?

Here's a smart way to store boxed medicine and their instruction manual instead of dumping them and not knowing what it is later.

Read the full tutorial here


11. Use Chalkboard Paint

Credit | inspiredesignandcreate

Love to write notes or want to leave a note for yourself?

Paint the other side of the cabinet door with chalkboard paint.

It's also a great way to stock up on items and to leave a note for your loved ones.

Shop Chalkboard Paint

Shop Erasable Chalkboard Markers


12. Use The Cabinet Door

The cabinet door is the perfect place to add stick on shelves to increase storage space without adding clutter.

As the name implies, there is no screw or nails involved, just them on and start organizing.

You can get the floating shelf here on Amazon

And the cosmetic organizer here


13. Use Organizing Baskets

Credit | popsugar

Grab a small basket from the dollar store to store small items instead of leaving them in the cabinet.


14. DIY Wooden Storage Bins

Credit | uncommondesignsonline

You can create this look for your medicine cabinet by grabbing inexpensive wooden boxes at your local craft stores.

Then grab some chalkboard tags and markers to label your boxes by categories.


15. Organize Kids Medicine

Credit | ishouldbemoppingthefloor

Here's a guide on how to organize your kid's medicine and keeping them separate from ours.

The idea is to use a vinyl basket for bottles and plastic bowls for non bottled items like the syringe.

Shop Vinyl Basket



I hope you've been inspired by the organizing ideas

As you have read, there are many ways of organizing your cabinet, so pick the best one for your home and start organizing!

Please share this with someone who needs this

Thanks for reading!

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