Messy Pantry? This Quick & Simple Guide Will Keep Them Organized

If you've had expired food sitting at the back of your pantry and food always seem to go missing.

Or you simply had enough of the messy pantry.

Then, here are 7 of my favorite pantry organization hacks that will get your pantry back in order and stay that way for years to come!

Let's get started!

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1. Group Like Items Together With Bins

The best way to organize your pantry is to use clear storage bins to group different types of food together.

Why clear bins? Because they let you see everything that's inside.

Credit | thehomeedit

Always label your storage bins by category so you know where to start looking.

How do i choose the correct bin size?

I find that for most item in the pantry, a 6" high storage bin works the best.

Example for milk bottles, soup, rice and pasta, you can use large deep bins like this.

Below are clear storage bins from Amazon that you can use in your pantry

1 | 16" Long Stackable Pantry Organizer (2 Packs)

2 | Pantry Organizer For Snack Bars (2 Packs)

3 | Clear Storage Organizer With Handle

4 | Farmhouse Pantry Labels (154 pcs)

5 | Large Clear Storage Container (4 pcs)


2. Use Turntables In Your Pantry

Instead of lifting up bottles and item one by one to see whats at the back or to find the name, use turntables.

Turntables makes everything easy to see and access because of their spin and grab function.

Credit | stacyssavings

They are also great for the corner of your pantry shelf, it makes things easy to grab and looks great too!

You should use turntable for cylindrical shape items such as sauce bottle, peanut butter bottle, spice bottles.

However you do not need a turntable if you have pantries with pull out shelves because you can see what's at the back much easier by drawing out the shelf.

Here are some of the most popular Turntables from Amazon

1 | 18" Acacia Wood Lazy Susan

2 | Non Skid Pantry Lazy Susan

3 | Pantry Turntable With Dividers

4 | Dual Tier Clear Lazy Susan With Fence

5 | Dual Tier Stainless Steel Lazy Susan


3. Stack Items To Maximize Storage

Whenever possible, use a shelf riser or triple tier spice rack.

This is especially important if you are working with a small pantry where there isn't much storage space.

Credit | thehomeedit

Using a shelf riser will instantly double your storage space because you are now utilizing the vertical space.

And by using a tiered spice rack, you'll be able to see everything inside of your pantry without having to lift jars one by one.

You'll also be able to see what's running out and add it to your grocery list.

Here are Shelf risers and tiered organizers for more storage space

1 | Stackable & Expandable Pantry Riser

2 | Iron Shelf Riser (2 Sets)

3 | 3 Tier Non-Skid Pantry Organizer (2 Packs)

4 | Expandable Pantry Organizer

5 | 96 Chalkboard Labels With Erasable Chalk Pen

6 | 3 Tier Clear Pantry Organizer


4. Use Tall Baskets On The Bottom Shelf

Make full use of the vertical space at the bottom of the pantry while still keeping it easy to grab things.

Store like items in a large cubical storage box or woven basket at the bottom floor and label them.

Credit | drivenbydecor

For example in the above example, canned food are on the left basket while the right basket is used to store towel and napkins.

Also it makes your pantry look really beautiful when you use woven basket.

1 | Tall Wicker Basket With Handles

2 | Short Woven Baskets (4 pcs)

3 | Tall Rope Woven Basket

4 | Fabric Storage Baskets (4 pcs)


5. Use Under Shelf For Storage Space

Did you know that under every layer of your pantry shelf is opportunity to store your bread, bagels, wraps and baking foil?

That's because under shelf storage baskets like these exist!

If you have a small pantry space, then you should consider one of these. They even have 2 protruding base for paper towel rolls.

They act like drawers so you can pull them outwards, grab what you need and push them back in.

Do they fall off? No, i have had one myself for years and they never feel like they were going to fall off or break, even when i store my dinnerware.

1 | Under Shelf Organizer (2 Sets)

2 | Under Shelf Basket With Hangers


6. Try Floating Spice Shelf

Is your spice bottle getting out of control? You probably have too many spice bottle and even duplicates.

For that you might want to start swapping out store bought spice bottles for spice jar and slap your own labels on.

In this photo, you can see the difference it made, just by replacing store bought bottles with DIY ones.

For comparison, I've left the store bought spice bottle on the top shelf.

You can probably tell that it doesn't look as neat and orderly because of the mismatching color and shape.

Also the spice bottles look like they are floating in the air right? Those are floating acrylic spice rack which i will leave a link below.

1 | Floating Acrylic Spice Rack

2 | 30 Spice Jars With Funnel & Labels


7. Always Use Food Containers

When you have a sack of pasta here and a bag of quinoa there and another bag of nuts...

Your pantry is going to look like an absolute mess and even if you attempt to organize.

Within a week your pantry will look messy again and organizing effort feels like wasted work.

Credit | inhonorofdesign

The solution is to use similar looking food container for each section of your pantry.

On the left side of the pantry you see glass food container with bamboo lids and on the right are plastic food container.

This gives pantry a uniform and consistent look and prevents food packaging build up, helping your pantry stay organized for the long run.

Here are the most popular clear food storage containers from Amazon

1 | Glass Food Storage Jars With Bamboo Lids (3 Sets)

2 | Large Airtight Glass Jar

3 | 12 Airtight Food Storage Containers

4 | Airtight Mason Jars With Labels (4 Sets)

5 | Tall Airtight Food Storage Container (3 Sets)

6 | OXO Good Grip Container (8 pcs)



If you have a messy pantry that needs some organizing work then you can always refer back to this guide

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