15 Ways To Declutter Your Bathroom & Shower Thousands Swear By

Wouldn't it be amazing if your bathroom looks organized and clean every morning?

In this post, i will share with you 15 ingenious bathroom organizers to increase storage space and keep everything in perfect order!

No more messy morning of spillage, knocking over things and cluttered bathroom!

Let's get started


1. Punch Free Corner Shower Caddy

Have a small bathroom space with no shelving?

Want a corner caddy but not confident about drilling your tiles?

Then this is the perfect bathroom shelf for you!

These bathroom caddies comes with 2 super strong adhesive pads that'll complete the installation in just 2 minutes!

Here's why i love these corner shelf:

  • I don't have to risk breaking my tiles to install them
  • They Feel Very Sturdy
  • Keeps the shampoo bottle dry and clean

And they look beautiful in my bathroom!

Love them?

Shop Mesh Bathroom Corner Shelf


2. Dual Tier Bathroom Rack

If your countertop is cluttered and you need a way to keep things organized.

Then, look no further!

This dual layer mesh tray provides ample space for all your bottles and frequently used items.

Here's why we love them:

  • It does not collect water
  • It looks great on any countertops
  • Sturdy and easy to put together

Plus, you can use them in your kitchen or craft room too!

Shop Double Tier Organizing Rack


3. Adjustable Under Sink Organizer

Your bathroom cabinet is the most underutilized space in your bathroom and in most cases, it's because of those pipes.

A quick and easy fix is to use an adjustable self riser that fits in your under the sink area rather than the other way around.

No matter what the size of your under sink area, this adjustable shelf riser will fit in perfectly.

Adjustable shelf risers lets you install in any under the sink cabinet even if you have lots of pipes.

They are very sturdy once you've secured and installed the partitions, no worries about them falling apart.

Shop Under the Sink Organizer


4. Over Cabinet Door Basket

If you have a cabinet below the sink...

Then you may consider hanging one of these baskets on the cabinet door

It keeps large and irregularly shaped items off your countertops, giving your bathroom a neater look.

Plus, a holder at the side for your hair dryer.

Place, or hang them on any cabinets you can find in the bathroom or kitchen 

Shop Hanging Cabinet Mesh Basket


5. Expandable Shelf Riser

One of the fastest and hassle free ways to increase counter space is to utilize the vertical space.

Above you see an adjustable shelf riser that lets you store your bathroom towel below and your soap bottles above.

No more cluttering up your counter, stay neat, stay organized

Shop Retractable Bathroom Shelf


6. Anti Splash Toilet Paper Holder

Protect your toilet paper from accidental splashes with this wall mounted holder!

Made of 304 stainless steel, it'll never rust under any circumstances.

Plus, It's shiny premium look will beautify your bathroom, making it a great long term investment.

Shop Wall Mounted Toilet Paper holder


7. Punch Free Super Hooks

Need hooks to hang your bathroom items but don't want to drill or make any adjustments to your walls?

It install on any smooth surfaces to hold your bathroom towels, brushes, loofah and more!

The adhesive pads are virtually undetectable are extremely strong! You can use them anywhere in your home too!

Shop Super Hangers


8. Punch Free Mesh Basket With Hooks

If you have a small bathroom and you need an all in 1 holder without breaking your wall

Then, this fits the description perfectly!

It installs on any smooth surface to give you a sturdy shelf that holds almost every bathroom items you have.

Here's why everyone is loving this shelf:

  • Does not accumulate water
  • Automatically Air Dry
  • Holds a lot of bathroom items

Available in black and white to suit your bathroom theme

Shop Mesh Basket With Hook


9. Punch Free Shower Caddy

Free up counter space by storing your frequently used items on the walls!

The best part?

They can be installed on any smooth surfaces to hold large amounts of bathroom items safely.

Loving it?

Shop Punch Free Stainless Steel Rack


10. Rotating Organizer with Cover

Looking to protect your makeup products or bathroom accessories from accidental splashes?

Give these corner bathroom shelves a try!

It is essentially a rotating drawer for storing your bathroom accessories that'll will keep your countertop free from clutter.

Love it?

Shop Corner Shelf


11. Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Hooks

Looking for a lightweight and simple hanger to hold commonly used bathroom items?

Try this punch free hanger!

Installs strongly on any smooth surface and can be used immediately!

Shop Stainless Steel Hooks


12. Lazy Susan With Fence

Those bottles are the hardest to organize!

You probably use them everyday and don't want to store them somewhere in the cabinet or place that's hard to reach.

By using a Lazy Susan, you don't have to store your favorite bottles away but still keep them organized!

Shop Lazy Susan With Fence


13. Floating Rustic Shelves

Looking for extra storage space as well as decorating your bathroom?

How about these?

For these, you do need to drill, they are sturdy and adds a feel good component to your bathroom so it might be worth the effort!

The lower shelf lets you hang your bathroom towel.

Shop Rustic Wood Wall Shelves (set of 2)


14. Rustic Towel Holder

Looking for a rustic style holder to match your bathroom or home theme?

Made with high manganese steel and laser cutting, it is precise, smooth and rustproof.

This Makes for a great bathroom decor and organizer

Shop Rustic Style Towel Hanger


15. All In One Makeup Organizer

If your counter is cluttered with cosmetics bottles, then it could be time to start organizing.

Consider a makeup organizer to keep all your bathroom necessities and bottles in one place.

It makes it easier to find what you need fast especially if you have many small bottles.

Shop All in 1 Makeup Organizer



Now i'd like to hear from you!

Which of these bathroom organizers did you find amazing?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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