13 Organization Ideas To Keep Your Lower Cabinet Clean & Clutter Free

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i think you would agree with me when i say the under sink area is the last place you want to organize.

You have an area that has no shelving, lots of pipes and sink that is limiting your space.

Which is why i compiled 13 of the Best ideas on how to organize the area underneath the sink.

Let's get started!

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1. Clear Stackable Storage Drawers

Credit | uoriginalmom

One of the best ways to keep your cleaning rags, sponge, and refills is to store them inside a clear container.

These are stackable acrylic drawers to fully utilize vertical storage space while keeping small cleaning items accessible.

Noticed that every drawer has it's own label? Adding a label is also a great way to prevent mixing and help find items quicker.

Shop Stackable Acrylic Drawer Organizer

White Sticker Label


2. Dual Tier Sliding Organizer

Credit | ironandtwine

Here's an amazing organizer that helps to utilize the vertical storage space while leaving room for taller laundry bottles on the right side.

The drawer function is a plus when it comes to grabbing whats at the back of the sink without having to move the things in front away one by one.

You may add a tray at the bottom layer if you are afraid of soap seeping out from the bottom.

Shop Two Tier Sliding Cabinet Organizer


3. Adjustable Shelf Riser

Storage space is scare under the sink and having the pipes in the way just makes it worst.

The solution?  Use an adjustable and customizable sink riser that works itself around the pipes.

You can also customize the height of each and every level of the riser rack to fit inside the sink.

Shop Adjustable Shelf Riser For Under Sink Cabinet



4. Cabinet Door Bar Hack

Credit | Homeroad

Have a couple of sprays that you want to store but can't seem to find the right spot for them?

Just use an over the door bar for all your spray bottles! Simple and genius idea.

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5. Food Storage Container

Credit | classyclutter

Airtight containers are great for keeping detergent fresh and free from any moisture.

They can also be used for storing sponge, scrub brushes and smaller cleaning supplies.

1 | Plastic Storage Bin With Handles

2 | OXO Good Grips POP Container

3 | 6 pcs OXO Good Grip POP Containers


6. Under The Shelf Baskets

Credit | craftalamode

You can create storage space and completely transform your under sink area by installing under shelf baskets.

Basically to create this organization space, measure the width of the sink, then cut a shelf to size.

Add supporting pillars by installing brackets on both sides of the sink cabinet and put the shelf on.

Last thing is to buy a couple of under shelf baskets and start storing!

1 | Under Shelf Basket (2 Sets)

2 | White Plastic Weave Baskets


7. Cabinet Door Organizer

Credit | mommysuite

If you are in need of space and seem to make space for those last few bottles, then you should consider a door basket like this.

The top level is use for storing frequently used items such as sponge, cleaning gloves and cleaning brush.

The bottom is designed to accommodate taller and larger cleaning supplies such as laundry detergent and spray bottles.

1 | Over The Cabinet Deep Storage Basket

2 | Over Cabinet Basket For Cleaning Supplies

3 | Clear Acrylic Storage Organizer Bin

4 | Farmhouse Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer


8. Sliding Trash Can

Credit | uoriginalmom

Here's an amazing trash can with drawer to make the most out of your under sink area!

Simply pull the drawer out dispose and push it back in. Changing the trash bag is also an easy task.

Shop Cabinet Drawer for Trash Bin


9. Use Command Hooks

Credit | abowlfulloflemons

Grab one of those self adhesive command hooks and start hanging your cleaning tools and supplies.

To hang your cleaning gloves, clip them together using a clothes peg and then hang it over the command hook.

Shop Command Wire Toggle Hook


10. Build A Custom Drawer

Credit | fromgreatbeginnings

Here is a neat and organized way to increase storage space!

To create this organization space, measure the height, width and depth of your sink, grab 2 wooden drawers, a long board (longer than your sink to cut down to size later).

Use the 2 drawers on the left and right sides as pillars to support the shelf and place organizing bins.

1 | 2 Tier Stackable Drawer

2 | Plastic Storage Organizer Bin

3 | Self-Adhesive Vinyl Drawer & Shelf Liner

4 | Long Wood Boards


11. Lazy Susan & Risers

Credit | kellynan

Spin, grab and go!

Lazy susan are great way to organize all your cleaning bottles, cleaning spray making them easy to find and grab.

Self risers for storing more items 

1 | Large Lazy Susan With Fence

2 | Non Skid Lazy Susan

3 | Metal Wire Self Riser

4 | Acrylic Shelf Riser

5 | Clear Plastic Storage Bin With Handle


12. Use Storage Bin For Cleaning Supplies

Credit | designthusiasm

No more lifting bottles one by one to find that cleaning solution you need.

Having a storage bin means that you can pull everything out of the sink area and grab what you want.

If you carry the same few cleaning supplies around the house then using a storage bin would be a good idea.

Shop Large Storage Bin With Handle


13. Floating Acrylic Shelves

Credit | fromgreatbeginnings

The bottom of the acrylic spice rack can be used as shelves to store cleaning brushes, sponges and gloves while the top an be used for small spray bottles for easy grab.

Two screws are all you need to have this installed.

Shop Acrylic Spice Organizer For Cabinet




Hopefully after reading this post, I've inspired you to start picking up some organizer to make improvements to your sink area!

If this post has helped you, please share it with a friend who needs this.

Thanks for reading!


Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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