How To Organize The Under sink Area So That Aren’t A Huge Mess

If your under the kitchen sink area looks like a wasteland of sponges, cleaning supplies and random items.

Then, it probably time to get them in order again

In this post, i will show you the 7 ways to organize under the sink area so that you'll

  • Increase storage space
  • Never lose your stuff again
  • Have a system that maintains that organized look

Ready? Let's get started

But First, Declutter

Remove everything from under sink and lay them out on a large table or on an allocated floor space.

Grab a garbage bag and get rid of expired items, or any items that you don't use. You'll want to remove as much unnecessary items as possible.

Sweep the dirt and clean the area under the sink then allow it to dry. Then, line the area below your sink with shelf liner (optional).



1. Use Adjustable Riser Shelf

Storage space is scare under the sink and having the pipes in the way just makes it worst.

So, you'll want to utilize the vertical space as much as possible.

The solution?  Use an adjustable and customizable sink riser that works itself around the pipes.

Place your baskets on top of each other to store more and give your bathroom that clean, organized look.

Because it's adjustable, It works on any sink cabinet, no matter how tight the space or where the pipes are located.

You can also customize the height of each and every level of the riser rack to suit your needs.

You don't have to use every single block, leaving some space in between in fine.

If you think this is a fantastic idea, then you are absolutely right!

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2. Use Organizing Containers

Clear organization bins are great for storing smaller items like sponge, laundry tablets, cloth, cleaning supplies and more.

It lets you see what's inside the bin and grab them instantly.

Container Bins are also great for storing cleaning supplies and spray bottles.

Plus, It gives your under sink area a nice consistent look.

Do stack them up if you have a shelf riser, it'll help to save lots of storage space.

Label them by categories so that you'll know which bin to search.

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3. Group like items Together

Grouping like items helps to save time and frustration and lets you know where to find what.

For example, if you have a couple of toilet cleaning products and car cleaning products.

Instead of mixing them together, you might want to separate them by placing them into different colored baskets or place them into separate clear bins with label.


4. Use A Cabinet Door Basket

A simple and easy way to gain more storage space is to use the space on your cabinet doors.

But how?

By using over the door baskets and towel holders.

If you have cleaning supplies that you use frequently, why not use the cabinet door to store them?

No more bending over trying to find that spray or bottle you need.

If you line your bins with plastic bag, then this can be a great idea too

Simply hang it on the cabinet door, no installation required.

And yes, use them to store your hair dryer, hair brush and hair iron.

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5. Use Turntable For Bottles

Adding a lazy Susan under your sink area is a brilliant way to reach the items you need.

Just spin, grab and go

Use it for under bathroom sink

Group all your cleaning supplies together

Lazy Susan are versatile organizers and can just used just about anything at home.

There are two designs, the one with fence plus handles and regular lazy susans.

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6. Use Sticky Labels

Labeling is especially important if you have cleaning liquids or powder that looks just the same.

Just grab some sticky labels and use it on every spray bottle, mason jar and organizing bins to find what you need faster.


Very important for dangerous liquid with the same color as your all purpose spray.

Make your own laundry soap? Be sure to label them.

Remember to label your storage bins too

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7. Hang your Spray Bottles

Because of how spray bottles are built, they are great for hanging.

Just use a tension rod under your sink area and start hanging those spray bottles.

A simple space saving idea!

Alternatively, if you already have shelf risers in your under sink cabinet, you can still hang your spray bottles by the cabinet doors.

Simply use a towel holder for this.

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8. Create your Own Shelving

Most under the sink area does not come with shelving which decreases the storage space.

Fortunately you can create extra storage space by using a stackable riser shelf.

Gain more storage space instantly and makes every look neat

Especially great for deep cabinets

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9. Use Hooks and Floating Shelves

If you have oven mitten, cleaning brushes and cleaning gloves scattered around the under sink area then you may consider using self adhesive hooks

These hook works on the cabinet doors, inside the sink walls and anywhere with a smooth surface.

Easy to install and space saving.

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 Alternatively, you can use these detachable floating shelves

If you have a basket of cleaning supplies that you love to bring around the house, then this is for you

 Just detach, bring it around and slide back in when done.

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Bonus Tip:

Is your under sink area too dark?

Not possible to install lighting?

Then you might want to use a motion activated light such as this


It only activates when motion is detected so you don't have to worry about wasting battery.

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Now its your turn

Which organization ideas did you find most helpful?

Was it the customisable shelf?

Or was it the use of storage bins?

Anyways, I truly hope that this post that inspired you!

Thanks for reading and please check out the products if you think that they are a good fit for your home.

Hello! My name is Nancy, i’m an organization expert and i love everything planning, cleaning, staying organized and enjoy gardening in my backyard!


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